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    Exclamation Perles de Lalique.

    The key word here is pepper and transparent rose, but not strong pepper. A very nice fragrance, unisex in nature, swell bottle and a nice change of pace. this fragrance is by Nathalie Lorson. Good enough for me to buy the bottle so, let me know what you think.
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    Default Re: Perles de Lalique.

    Oh, my! I feel terrible, but shally contribute nonetheless.

    I abhor this one, sadly. One of my least favorite scents, in fact. Though I will attest to its unisex potential.

    Pure cheap gin, distilled in wood, infused with pepper. The really cheap, sick-making kind.
    I guess I 'don't get' something here as it's so well-loved... and won an award, too, I think.

    The only Lalique I ever liked was Flora Bella, though. A weird house for me altogether.
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    Default Re: Perles de Lalique.

    I suspect this a fragrance that will be judged mostly by how you feel about Iso E Super - it makes up 80% of the formula. I know some people react very badly to it, so if you do, I imagine this could easily be a nasty one.

    I enjoyed testing it, but it's not something I'd wear. It's "nice" and novel, but for some reason lacks an emotional appeal for me, so it's not something I'd buy. I think if I wanted peppery rose I'd go for Paestum Rose, but that too became tiresome after a while, when I owned a decant.

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    Default Re: Perles de Lalique.

    I bought a miniature last year...after having read so many positive comments...well, the initial start (pepper-rose) is quite nice - but the heart and the dry-down are repulsive. Is it ISO E Super then? I know a few more fragrances with a similar unpleasant stench... - might be the solution for me, I seem to dislike the super ISO-thing.
    As far as Lalique is concerned, I can recommend the discontinued Lalique de Lalique. Encre de Lalique isn't bad either.
    But [I]Perles is definetely not for me.

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    Default Re: Perles de Lalique.

    It has been on my To Try list since G_B mentioned it on the Rose Jacqueminot thread. Do not have an opinion.
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