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    Default New York City Niche Stores; Brick and Mortar

    Anyone know of the best niche centered stores in New York City.

    Specifically looking for one that sells PdN.
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    Default Re: New York City Niche Stores; Brick and Mortar

    SL, someone more knowledgable of the city is going to have to assist you on the PdN request, but I'll give you 3 places you CANNOT miss.

    1) Aedes de Venustas- The NYC Scent Bar

    2) Bergdorf Goodman- Basically a fragrance mecca. JAR, a huge Guerlain boutique etc

    3) Saks NY - Walk in, and there's basically and armada of SAs as far as the eye can see, of basically every big fragrance house. The new Cartiers, Penhaligons, Diptyque, Creed, Bond, etc
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    Default Re: New York City Niche Stores; Brick and Mortar

    There are lots of threads on this, just do a search.

    For example:

    Last time I was there, New London Pharmacy carried PdN. Always good to call ahead & check or check their website.
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