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    Default Crown Imperial

    Hi Folks!

    Another story from my march through Crown Perfumary history!

    I found an unopened bottle of Crown Imperial on E-Bay, ordered it up, and it arrived today.

    I sprayed a bit on a piece of paper, and HOLY SMOKES is this powerful stuff.

    I'm not at all educated enough to discern all of the different notes in a fragrance... And I'm a little embarrassed to say the first thing I thought of when I initially smelled this was the breakfast cereal "Fruit Loops."

    It is drying down now, and so far, I really, really like it.

    I'm concerned about the color of the juice, though... It's a very dark amber. Does anyone own this? And if so, is the color right?

    Basenoters, thanks for making my new hobby so much fun. I'm learning a lot!


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    Default Re: Crown Imperial If this is the same scent, it doesn't look the same colour inside the bottle, but if you like the smell of what you've got and it's not rancid, that's all that matters.

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    Yeah, I looked at that, too. I was concerned for a minute, but then saw that if you really look at the photo, it's Crown Towne & Country and not Imperial. The reviews seem spot-on based on what I'm smelling this morning, so that's good!

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    Default Re: Crown Imperial

    I've just saved the photo and zoomed in and it is Town & Country. Sorry about that, but it does catch you out at first.

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    Default Re: Crown Imperial

    The Estonian website gives the following information for

    Crown Imperial
    (1905) Discontinued
    Nose: William Thomson
    Top Notes: Lemon, Orange, Lavender
    Middle Note: Herbs
    Base Note: Musk
    Yr good bud,


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    Default Re: Crown Imperial

    Mmmmmm... Now that is has dried down a bit... Very yummy!

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    Default Re: Crown Imperial

    I don't know anything about this one. It may be that the amber hue is its typical colour. Since JaimeB helpfully tells us some of the notes, I wonder if you can detect any particular herbs there (rosemary? thyme? basil? sage?) or if they are a smooth "herbal" blend. Herbs are a particular interest of mine.

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    Default Re: Crown Imperial

    Thank you, Thomas, for sharing. I am interested in the Crown line and you seem to describe a gourmand. Is this correct?
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    Default Re: Crown Imperial

    The color of Imperial is indeed incredibly dark. I think it would actually stain a white shirt. It's not a gourmand, but a very trad. Engish barbershop scent - very beautiful citrus top, very very powdery drydown (too much for me, really). A classic, though.
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    Default Re: Crown Imperial

    The_Good_Life is right, very VERY citrusy opening, very powdery dry down. I also received a bottle of Creed Royal Delight in the mail today, from a fellow Basenoter. The Royal Delight is considerably more floral and powdery than Imperial. It's funny, actually, that these two both arrived today... In the drydown, there are a lot of similarities (at least to my still newbie nose!).

    If either of you would like a sample of the Crown I'm happy to send one out. Just PM me the details.


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    Default Re: Crown Imperial

    I once owned a vintage bottle of Crown Imperial. I sold it though because the opening lemon was too green and the drydown was too soapy and musty. Extremely old fashioned. A nice collection piece though.

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    Default Re: Crown Imperial

    I had/have trouble with the powder, too. I love old-fashioned stuff, but it's a bit much for me. I bought two bottles when I finally found the stuff, so though I successfully swapped one off, I'm stuck with the other.


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    Default Re: Crown Imperial

    Its the longevity of the musk base which ruins this otherwise excellent scent for me. Still detecable 36 hrs later from close up.
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    Default Re: Crown Imperial

    It's an odd scent for sure - the heaviest citrus I've ever smelled. It's not refreshing at all, and seems to move from intensely sharp and bitter citrus and herbs to opaque musk and powder. High quality; just a little much for me. I don't know when I'd wear it.

    Good find, though, as I'm sure this is getting rare. Glad you're enjoying it.
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    Default Re: Crown Imperial

    Many thanks to Thomas, who provided me with a sample of Imperial. This is quite the scent! The juice is so dark in colour, so orangey! It stained my skin on my wrists! It certainly would stain clothes.
    Many of the BN reviews talk about the lemon, but on my skin this produces an aura which matches the colour -- ORANGE . It hit all the orange notes, both skin, juice, and blossom. The neroli cloud twists into a bitter, slightly metallic chord; and then a soapy, musky one. I don't get any lavender here. This is a substantial scent, even "thick." I'm amazed that an orange scent can be so powerful.
    PS -- the orange dom-dom-dominates here... I don't really get any herbal notes either. Orange fans should check this out... I think AromiErotici would like it, for example.
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