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    Default Galbanum and the scent of snow on the wind

    You know I adore galbanum-forward fragrances. The unmistakeable presence of this green deity with its sting, its pay-attention slap, is like the magnet's pull for me. Through my fragranced life, I've tended to choose these scents more often in the rainy season and through the spring and early summer, although I do wear them whenever the mood hits, which is often. There's a storm coming through today which is unusually cold for this late in winter in my part of the world. It has a hefty cold front swooping in, with chilly winds presaging it way ahead. There might even be a flurry of snow later on - which I can tell because there's that metallic smell in the wind. Like the smell of chilled silver, a high-pitched, twangy scent. Well, I chose Silences by Jacomo for my SOTD, a fragrance cloaked in galbanum if there ever was one, and I had a major epiphany as I walked to the train station. The smell of snow on the wind and the astringent rasp of galbanum are soul mates - they fit like dovetailed woodwork. Never had this exact confluence of weather and perfume before - amazing. It's quite something, isn't it, that you can wear a fragrance for many years and still have it reveal a surprise. I'm glad I lived, and lived fragrantly, long enough to experience it.
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    Default Re: Galbanum and the scent of snow on the wind

    How beautiful, Jardanel! Thank you for sharing this!

    I had a similar experience with Neil Morris Dark Earth, on a rainy late-February day. Where I live, spring is already showing its face, and the air was alive with a wonderful mix of rich mud and brand new green offerings. When I walked outside that morning, I took a deep breath and all of a sudden I was part of it all. I will always remember that moment!
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    Default Re: Galbanum and the scent of snow on the wind

    Thanks Haunani!

    Although I've had countless weather/fragrance intersections - some planned, others accidental, this one was particularly acute and needed memorializing.

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    Default Re: Galbanum and the scent of snow on the wind

    I can totally relate to your epiphony! About a week ago, a huge tropical storm shook our city, and everything was chaotic! It was raining, hailing, extreme winds, name it. I waited for the storm to calm down to leave the house. I chose Apres L'ondee as my SOTD. The light breeze, the subtle humidity and the scent of rain and mud, along with Apres L'ondee really mixed with my surroundings. Oddly enough, I could smell Apres L'ondee during the entire day, which is saying a lot given its dismal longevity and sillage characteristics.

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    Default Re: Galbanum and the scent of snow on the wind

    I wear Vent Vert a ridiculous amount during early spring - the galbanum meshes perfectly with the tender green shoots of my flowers pushing through the soil! A perfect marriage of weather and perfume at that precise time of cool weather, sun, and new growth........


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