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    Default Solid, Unique and Ethereal Signature Scent goes my very FIRST post on this site. Since early 2006, I've utilized basenotes as my primary "go-to" for info on any new fragrance I am either interested in or that I plan on adding to my arsenal. I became a member late 2007, and since then have been in and out of most all of the threads on this board, have read a great deal of the fragrance reviews top to bottom, and overall, feel that both my general knowledge and taste in fragrance have grown tremendously. I owe it almost solely to the reviewers on this site. Today, I decided to jump in the water with everyone else and post...maybe one day I'll have as many informative and thorough reviews as foetidus and the other greats.

    So although it is indeed similar to many postings already listed, my dilemma is this: I'm in the same boat as many where I'm looking for MY perfect signature scent. And as many seem to ask this question while providing very vague descriptions of their preferences to the rest of the BNers, which in turn result in a huge variety of scent types and suggestions, my personal preference description won't be the most brief...

    I'll be 24 next month. I'm a pretty outgoing individual and enjoy being around people. I'm a sucker for compliments, so I'll be honest: I base which of my scents are my "staples" on those that elicit the most favorable comments from those around me. But then, there are many that I personally appreciate, but others don't. Or I just don't receive any comments, so I don't know how they are perceived by others.

    I don't like "smelling old-mannish" but I also don't like smelling like every Tom, Dick and Harry in my age group. I prefer scents that don't smell like "perfume" or that make people think "oh, he's wearing cologne." I like the ones that leave a slight aura around where I stand; that elicit the "oh, he smells so good" response over the "oh, he's wearing cologne" I mentioned.

    I've accumulated over 120 scents since I first became interested in 05-06. Its become a very expensive addiction, but I'm always looking for "something better." And I already have scents for different occasions (daytime, night time, going out, oriental, fresh, etc.), but what I want is that ONE that people associate with me.

    So again, in summary: I'm 24, so I'm young but I'm not in high school. No ADG or "Fierce" type of scents. I do NOT over spray. I generally cannot fathom spraying more than 2 sprays of anything, once on my neck and once on my chest. With heavier scents, once on my chest is usually enough. I'd much rather leave a subtle "waft" of fragrance with a person I'm sitting next to than overwhelm them. And although many times I like sweeter or heavier scents, the ones that seem to garner the MOST compliments from women I'm around SEEM to be the lighter ones.

    Some lighter scents that I have that seem to deliver in the same respect are:
    *Bvlgari Aqva
    *Cartier Eau de Concentree
    *212 (both the regular version and 212 H20)
    *Bvlgari Pour Homme
    *Ferragamo F Pour Homme

    Heavier ones:
    *L'Instant de Guerlain Pour Homme (EDT or EDP once on my chest)
    *Burberry Touch
    *Herrera Aqua

    Those approaching "perfumey" (light or heavy) but I or others still seem to love:
    *Creed MI
    *Riverside Drive
    *Allure Homme Sport
    *Terre d'Hermes
    *Creed Erolfa
    *Burberry London Special Edition
    *Creed Himalaya
    *YSL L'Homme

    "Clear" scents are cool. Not "watery scents" necessarily. With just an appropriate amount of sweetness and spice. Scents that are distinct, but not TOO complex. But still...not TOO safe. Airy. The general thought should be "that smells nice," and not "hmm....that smells odd/weird"....

    Commercial or niche (although I can honestly say I haven't had the opportunity to explore many niche fragrances because I don't know where I can find/test them). I'd rather it not be something everyone owns so I can smell different, but I don't NEED to spend hundreds of dollars either. And I don't mind people "knowing about" the scent, just don't need it to be something USED by every man under 30. Something that exudes confidence, but doesn't seem like I'm trying too hard to impress. Something I could dress up or wear casually/semi-casually. I don't need to smell like a cactus. I don't need to smell like a cupcake. And I don't need to smell like a horse just because people on BN may glorify a 'dirtier' scent for smelling "different" and "stepping out of the box." It should either smell masculine (but not 1980's - early '90s hairy-chest masculine) or gender-neutral (just pleasant), but not feminine. It can have some punch, but no more than that of D&G Pour Homme sprayed once. An everyday-all year round scent if possible. Or one for spring/summer, and another for fall/winter if you must. I realize I'm asking for a lot. Oops.

    I just want to "smell good." And I think I already do...but I would love to have that 'one.' The sillage of 212, the longevity (at least on my skin) of Allure Homme Sport or Riverside Drive, and a smell as beautiful and/or unique as MI or L'Instant (respectively), but perhaps not as sweet. No less simple than Bvlgari Homme or Aqva, but no more loud or ostentatious then let's say...L'Eau de Issey or Terre d'Hermes. Something in between and maybe a tad bit muted.

    I tried being very specific, because I figured the more "in-depth" description would help you to narrow suggestions down to a good one or two choice ideas from you all.

    Maybe finding the "perfect scent" IS an impossible feat...but I'll be searching until my last day if need be...

    Thanks in advance for everyone's help!

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    Default Re: Solid, Unique and Ethereal Signature Scent

    Welcome, RoyalBlue! You will find many favourites once you get into this crazy hobby!

    You have an impressive start...and I am glad you are already steering away from Fierce and AdG and looking at the more unique, classier scents.
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    Default Re: Solid, Unique and Ethereal Signature Scent

    My first thought is: Viktor and Rolf Antidote. It's really a chameleon of a scent that manages to tread almost right down the middle in a number of regards:

    light vs heavy
    classic vs modern
    dense vs airy
    casual vs formal

    It's a bit like TdH in those regards (but not at all in scent), but far more wearable and discrete in a non-perfumey way. It's like a modernized Chanel PMC or something. Suitable for all seasons, easily.
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    Default Re: Solid, Unique and Ethereal Signature Scent

    Welcome RoyalBlue,

    It looks like we have some similar tastes. We definitely share the love for Aqva and 212.

    With that in mind, I'll second SoS's recommendation for Viktor &Rolf Antidote. I've been wearing it the last two days, and really enjoying it. It easily lasted all day on me.

    I'll add Versace Pour Homme. Many have said it has similarities to Allure Homme Sport, so if you like AHS you'll likely like VPH. I actually don't get the similarities between the two. To me VPH has more in common with Acqua di Gio. That doesn't mean they are the same. VPH is much nicer, classier, more mature than ADG. It has excellent sillage and longevity too.

    Another one you may like is Paco Rabanne XS. If you like Himalaya, you'll probably like XS. They are very similar, but I think XS is stronger and longer lasting. And I like it better than Himalaya myself.

    Finally, give L'eau par Kenzo a try too. It is very bright, zesty/fruity, and sweet (some ppl don't get the sweet) on me. It's excellent for summer, and seems to always put me in a good mood when I wear it.
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    Default Re: Solid, Unique and Ethereal Signature Scent

    Take a look at these links:

    Niche: Washington Tremlett - Hampstead Water
    Designer: Paul Smith Extreme Man

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    Default Re: Solid, Unique and Ethereal Signature Scent

    Welcome, Royal Blue

    some of my suggestions for testing, mixing niche and designer quite liberally, may include: Agua de Loewe, almost anything by Acqua di Parma (by far not as dated, musty, as said, many of them have actually an understated elegant timeless vibe), also the regular, non-concentrated version of Eau de Cartier, for more soft, floral yet still tastefully, non-generic manly notes, Dior Homme or Dior Fahrenheit would do, then, almost any of the classic, conservative "Eaux" by Guerlain (Eau Imperiale would be a start), Lanvin Vetiver, Hugh Parsons Blue, Very Valentino for Men, Insense Ultramarine by Givenchy or Eau de Rochas- whether all these frags are masterpieces and stunning, it's a too subjective matter to decide, but what I can truly tell is that, maybe with the exception of Baldessarini (and even this one, only to some extent) while having a both solid and an ethereal component, are also quite unlikely to be smelled on virtually anyone

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    Default Re: Solid, Unique and Ethereal Signature Scent

    I have a feeling you'd love the sparkling, crystal clear notes of Eau de Campagne by Sisley. Definitely one of Jean Claude Ellena's finest, but you'd have to put up with the lack of longevity. After all, ethereality often comes at a price. And this one's pretty steep.

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    Default Re: Solid, Unique and Ethereal Signature Scent

    Ethereal you say...perhaps one of the classic Guerlain eaux?

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    Default Re: Solid, Unique and Ethereal Signature Scent

    Finding your one-and-only signature scent is much like getting married. For it to work it needs to be what you love the most, not what other people love the most. My advice is to ignore the compliments and follow your heart.

    (Notice I said "heart" and not mind. In my opinion, it needs to be more of an emotional, rather than an intellectual, process.)
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    Default Re: Solid, Unique and Ethereal Signature Scent

    Thanks very much to everyone who has responded so far...keep em coming

    SoS and thgolfer, I actually have it a few years back and liked it, but initially became bored with it in only a few weeks time. But I pulled it back out this morning to try it again after about a year's I'm wearing it now, and it really IS nice. Guess I didn't give it enough time to grow on me to truly appreciate it. I'll be trying the other ones you listed as well.

    Dimitri, the Hampstead Water sounds great. But where could I test it? Or would I just have to blind buy? I live in MD...

    Ken_Russell, I will look into those you listed. I actually have the non-concentrated version of Eau de Cartier as well, and I love it. Its one of those scents that 'must be' projecting as far as sillage is concerned, but I haven't really received many compliments when I've worn it, but then again I haven't gotten negative comments either. And among EVERYTHING listed so far, Agua de Loewe looks like it is EXACTLY what I'm looking for, based off of its reviews, 5.1 oz volume, and its reasonable price. I actually plan on buying it blind. I'm really interested in quite a few of the ones you named.

    Diamondflame, Eau de Campagne also sounds like it could be the "it" as far as the smell is concerned, but many of the reviews seem to suggest that it is rather harsh for quite some time, and then (even as you stated) its short-lived as well. But I'll def look into it.

    Again, thanks to you all.

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    Default Re: Solid, Unique and Ethereal Signature Scent

    Histoires de Parfums Noir Patchouli. wears like an aura.

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    Default Re: Solid, Unique and Ethereal Signature Scent

    French Lover? Ethereal and unique for sure, but very modern, but might be too strong for you

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    Default Re: Solid, Unique and Ethereal Signature Scent

    Quote Originally Posted by jenson View Post
    Histoires de Parfums Noir Patchouli. wears like an aura.
    You have excellent tastes, my friend. But I seem to get this 'aura' thing a lot with this house... 1969, 1725, 1876, Ambre 114, Tubereuse Trilogy, just to name a few. Could be something of a house style.

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    Default Re: Solid, Unique and Ethereal Signature Scent

    Quote Originally Posted by Diamondflame View Post
    You have excellent tastes, my friend. But I seem to get this 'aura' thing a lot with this house... 1969, 1725, 1876, Ambre 114, Tubereuse Trilogy, just to name a few. Could be something of a house style.

    hey, thnx bro! and so do you!

    yeh, love their creations.
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    Default Re: Solid, Unique and Ethereal Signature Scent

    Solid Unique and Etherial.

    If I were to find one fragrance which fit that bill it would be Hammam Bouquet, covers all of those bases I think. Nothing else smells like it.
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