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    Default Reformulation Dates - Hermes, Guerlain et al

    Ive just spent ages looking up this thread and that to assess which vintage of Bel Ami I have. It takes endless patience so Ive decided to ask if it's possible to get a definitive- ish list of reformulation dates.
    I have a cylindrical refill bottle of Bel Ami in an orange box, but also Heritage in its new bottle and the older squat one. Three versions of Guerlain Vetiver, one from the sixties but no idea of the others. Equipage in the older bottle and Eau d'Hermes in a plastic splash on bottle.
    The list goes on.... so if anyone knows the reformulation and bottle change years please tell. It'd be good for Hermes, Guerlain, Givenchy, Caronand any other houses that take your fancy. Thanks....

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    Default Re: Reformulation Dates - Hermes, Guerlain et al

    Good idea ! I think this should be a group effort because as we all know houses rather conceal than publish reformulations and when they dsicontinue production, and reissue a similar perfume later. A new forum or group for brands' histories, vintage and discontinued perfumes would be needed for constant easy access and expansion. Basenotes would be ideal because Grant's directory has been designed to include all perfumes of all brands, no matter whether or not they are still being sold. Fortunately, the Basenotes directory also tries to show original release dates as exactly as possible.
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    Default Re: Reformulation Dates - Hermes, Guerlain et al

    Oh well, maybe the fragrance companies are even better than we thought at concealment. Not one date so far. Are there any links to other threads that might have covered this topic?
    Ive now just purchased an older version of Diorella with the chequered bottle, 70s/80s? There must be some way of finding these things out.

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