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    Default Confident fragrances.

    Which fragrances make you feel confident, as if you were in an interview about to win a job for sure? (assume you could wear one, since it's usually appropriate not to).

    Basically, which fragrances really make you think "I smell like a million bucks and I know it. My day is already off to a great start with this juice on."

    I'd have to say Platinum by Chanel for me.

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    Default Re: Confident fragrances.

    Simple; Dior Homme Intense,
    I feel almighty in that scent!

    I feel most sexy in Hypnotic Poison.
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    Default Re: Confident fragrances.

    When I wear a fragrance that I like, I feel like I can do anything.
    Some make me feel embaressed, like those realy cheap fragrances, or even Acqua di Gio. That's why I gave it to a friend, so don't go for the Armani House.
    The Yves Saint Laurent house, in equality with the Chanel house will make you feel very confident when you want to seduce a lady.
    So try Allure, and Egoiste (because you have Platinum Egoiste) by Chanel or M7, Rive Gauche, Opium, Kouros, etc from YSL.
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    Default Re: Confident fragrances.

    The only easy day was yesterday

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    Default Re: Confident fragrances.

    Rive Gauche ph
    Guerlain Vetiver
    Burberry London ph
    Chanel Antaeus

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    Default Re: Confident fragrances.

    Prada Amber Pour Homme - It's just smells so clean, expensive and sexy. I always feel like a man when i wear it! haha hmmm.

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    Default Re: Confident fragrances.

    Van Cleef & Arpels Pour Homme is the hands-down winner for me.

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    Default Re: Confident fragrances.

    Platinum Egoiste is my go-to for interviews.
    Twitter - @DanielTharp has additional reviews and commentary.
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    Default Re: Confident fragrances.

    Quote Originally Posted by G Man View Post
    Platinum by Chanel
    I would say Geranium or was it Silicon, Steel, Gold, Carbon or Helium? Honest, the less complicated the better. Lavender does it for me. Today the third time a bigger deal was made scented by Yardley, English Lavender. No vanilla, no tonka, mint, whatsoever, just lavender. It took 5 spritzes to provoke a hint of zillage and longevity. Nobody noticed it, but it was there, and it still is ;-)

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    Default Re: Confident fragrances.

    Dior Bois D'Argent
    Creed Royal English Leather & GIT
    PdN New York

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    Default Re: Confident fragrances.

    Havana Reserva

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    Default Re: Confident fragrances.

    A lot of mine make me feel that way...that's why I bought them...

    Top of list

    Creed Vintage Tabarome/GIT/REL/Windsor
    Rive Gauche Pour Homme
    DC 1913
    VC&A Pour Homme
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    Default Re: Confident fragrances.

    Terre D'Hermes
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    Default Re: Confident fragrances.

    Azzaro Pour Homme

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    Default Re: Confident fragrances.

    Dior Ambre Nuit

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    Default Re: Confident fragrances.

    i feel special when i wear...Amoauge Jubilation XXVParfumerie Generale L'Ombre Fuave & Intrigrant PatchouliHistoires de Parfums Noir PatchouliSerge Lutens Serge Noire & Gris ClairYSL M7 & Kouros Cologne SportCartier Santos eau de SportFrederick Malle Noir EpicesMontale Black Oudh+many more :P
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    Default Re: Confident fragrances.

    Mazzolari Lui - LIGHTLY if used in an interview

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    Default Re: Confident fragrances.

    My top 3 confidence fragrances are:

    1. Versace The Dreamer
    2. Live Jazz
    3. Rive Gauche

    I would wear any to an interview or to pick up a hottie.

    Look at this guy's favorite confidence frags. He reminds me of Steve Urkel in the episode he becomes cool.

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    Default Re: Confident fragrances.

    Rive Gauche is my job interview fragrance. Allure Homme Blanche for an important meeting in summer, and D & G pour Homme during the winter.
    Looking for: Andy Tauer - L'air du Desert Morocain & Incense Extreme

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    Default Re: Confident fragrances.

    Vintage Tabarome, winner in this category. Love it.

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    Default Re: Confident fragrances.

    Azzaro Pour Homme
    Grey Flannel

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    Default Re: Confident fragrances.

    Gengis Khan by Marc de la Morandiere

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    Default Re: Confident fragrances.

    Tabarome Millesime.

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    Default Re: Confident fragrances.

    Almost anything from my wardrobe that inspires me

    However, interviews where I have put on sparse quantities of Roberto Capucci PH or Chanel pour Monsieur went well almost anytime
    Currently wearing: 1000 Miglia by Chopard

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    Default Re: Confident fragrances.

    Jubilation Women makes me feel like I can conquer all and that noone could judge me harshly.

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    Default Re: Confident fragrances.

    Azzaro PH!

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    Default Re: Confident fragrances.

    Sultan, Curve for men (1996), Burberry London

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