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    Default IL PROFVMO decision to make..which one should I choose?

    Hi everybody!
    First time I post a thread..need your help,pretty please!
    A friend of mine who has a niche perfumery is going to rid of the Il Profumo line..I'm going to buy "chocolat amére"(finally! Love it!Not sickly sweet at all) at a discounted price and she's offered me a tester bottle as a gift .I can choose from one of these: "Chocolat", "Chocolat Frais" and "Café vert". Now I don't know which one to choose! I tested them some time ago (like..a year ago??)and don't really remember..I think "chocolat" is an "Angel-ish" thing, pretty sweet..."Chocolat frais" a fresher version of that..and then we have the coffee one, which is described as a fruity citrus. Do you guys know this line? Could you help me make a decision? (I mean, I'm leaning towards the Café, as I'm already buying one of the "chocolat" versions and this one seems to be the most different one of the bunch. Anyway, I'll retest this weekend..)
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    Default Re: IL PROFVMO decision to make..which one should I choose?

    Ah, choices, choices! Personally, I found the Café Vert boring. And not coffee-like at all. Haven't tried the other two, though! Now if it was Touaregh... yum.
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    Default Re: IL PROFVMO decision to make..which one should I choose?

    Well, I finally made up my mind and bought the Café verte..and,just as you said, Veuve, it's actually not coffee-ish at all! It's just a floral-green-citrus..with lots of green tea notes...nice and pretty...but nothing to love, just to like. But the other two were just too similar to what I had bought..but worse. Chocolat Amere is definitely the best of the Chocolates. It reminds me of Dune..fruity start..then it gets dry and balsamic-resinous (that's where it reminds me a bit of L'air!) No killer sillage, that's for sure. And not much chocolate notes.
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