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    Default Miglin's Pheromone for Men = Mitsouko EdT (- peach) !

    I got my bottle of Pheromone today and was surprised by the similarities. It's just missing the peach note. It's so funny how a very old and very well known "women's" frag can be changed slightly to become a "men's," and then the guys who try it out don't notice! Not only that, but the descriptions of it, in reviews here and elsewhere online, are "all over the map." I'm not a huge oakmoss fan, even when it is well done, as in these two frags, so I'll probably swap this one off or Mitsouko, because I don't think I'll need both. So, if you want a more "masculine" version of Mitsouko, Pheromone is the best I've come across, at least that is very reasonably priced.

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    Default Re: Miglin's Pheromone for Men = Mitsouko EdT (- peach) !

    It is a very unique scent you either love it or loath it. I find the quality good and it has a ancient feeling to it - it is very close to the women version also.

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    Default Re: Miglin's Pheromone for Men = Mitsouko EdT (- peach) !

    The reviews are so funny, though. I was expecting a dry/arid blast of herbs and some "exotic" notes, but apparently most reviewers simply didn't have any sense of oakmoss when they tried it. I wish I could smell some of these "exotic" things listed in the note pyramid, but instead it just reminds me of an "old" women's frag (meaning that it was popular a long time ago, not that only old ladies should like it LOL). Oakmoss with some amber to soften up seems to dominate.
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