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    Default Re: strawberryNET

    Thanks for the tip. Seems a shame, though, that what seems to be a good service lets itself down like this. It is not going to make buy more...quite the reverse.


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    Default Re: strawberryNET

    Can anyone (or renzo) inform me if you had to pay customs duties for your Strawberrynet orders in Belgium?

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    Default Re: strawberryNET

    I had to pay custom duties for my Strawberrynet order but they were really generous that they refunded what I had been tax even though I lost the receipt and only had the pick-up request document. They have a policy that if you get custom charged, they will give you a refund on good-will.
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    Default Re: What do you guys Think of StrawberryNet web store?

    Anyone received a fake/counterfeit product so far from StrawberryNET ?.. Some says they sell fake/counterfeit perfumes...

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    Hey guys! Do you now if is a reliable website? Thx!

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    Default Re:

    Ordered once from them, the item arrived (delayed in customs for a week but...US customs, that is.) Would probably order again if it was an unobtainable scent in the US that I was aching to buy.
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    Default Re:

    Looking forward to receiving my hard to obtain bottle of 4 Voleurs from them. Maybe the slow shipping will make the purchase seem more special in the long run.

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    Default Re:

    I have ordered from them 3 times and was completely satisfied with their customer service and product quality every time. I would not hesitate to order from them again. Although they are headquartered in Hong Kong, they ship from a warehouse in Sweden. As far as I can tell, they are very professional and totally reliable.
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    Default Re:

    I have purchased from them many times and had no difficulty with their service or delivery.

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    Default Re:

    I've ordered from them many times with no problems at all.
    I love cologne.

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    Default Re:

    Quote Originally Posted by nenugal View Post
    I've ordered from them many times with no problems at all.
    Me too..

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    Default Re:

    Whiteandchoo, check the City Shopping Guides Forum for feedback on online retailers.

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    Default Re:

    Ordered over 20 times, no problem at all

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    Default Re:

    On the few occasions I've ordered from them I've been very satisfied with delivery, communication and prices.

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    Default Re:

    Quote Originally Posted by nenugal View Post
    I've ordered from them many times with no problems at all.
    +1:One plus for me!!
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    Default Re:

    I purchased from them recently for the first time - no problems at all. The only holdup was in US customs, but I could track it via their website the whole way.

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    Default Re:

    Quote Originally Posted by NYCBoy View Post
    Although they are headquartered in Hong Kong, they ship from a warehouse in Sweden.

    Really?! Not when I've ordered, I always get my parcels from Hong Kong and have to pay taxes and all every single time.
    I've ordered loads of times and I'm very happy with prices, delivery times and customer services.

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    Default Re:

    I have shopped with them 30+ times since 2002 and have never experienced any troubles. They also offer a pretty generous reward scheme for repeat customers.

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    Default Price guarantee at

    More than ones, has been made aware of an error with their Price guarantee email address.
    There has been no reply.
    And the error have not yet been fixed.

    Can we take serious on this issue?

    Is there anyone in this forum,
    who have had benefit from's arrangement, Price guarantee ?

    Go & check it out...See what it says!

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    Default Re: Price guarantee at

    what happens,
    when you mail this address:

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    Default Re:

    A little pricey but second to none for those really, really hard to find shower gels and aftershave balms.

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    Default Website similar to Strawberrynet

    Hi All,

    I am looking for websites

    1) where much of the good fragrances(Geninue) are available
    2) Ships world wide.
    3) Reasonably priced.
    4) Ships on time.

    I find strawberry net being up to the mark. Any other sites that are similar?


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    Default Re: Website similar to Strawberrynet

    You need to check some of the threads over here for a comprehensive list of online e-tailers, and Basenote member's recommendations:

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    Question Strawberrynet Customs Charges


    Ive never ordered from but have seen quite a lot of positive feedback from Basenotes members. I am really interested in ordering several items from their website but as they are based in Hong Kong and Im in the UK, Im 100% sure that customs will definitely charge me once the goods arrive here.

    What I wanted to know from Basenotes members (and particularly those in the UK) is what their refund policy is on customs charges. Several members have mentioned that they do refund customs charges which I think is excellent. However, in the UK our postal service (Royal Mail) charges a handling fee as well as customs charges. An example of this is when I ordered from CDWOW a few months ago I was charged around £12.00 on one bottle of EDT - £8.00 of this was Royal Mail's handling charges whereas the customs charge was only £4.00. I did contact CDWOW and they refunded all my fees however..

    Therefore my question is - do Strawberrynet refund all customs charges and handling fees or just the customs charges?? Will they refund me £12.00 customs/handling fees for a £40 EDT?? Even if I order three items, will they refund me all charges which could potentially add up to £36??

    I'd really be grateful for any info/experiences regarding the charges as I have my eye on a few items on but obviously dont want to pay an additional £12.00 per item.

    Many thanks for your help and comments

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    Default Re: Strawberrynet Customs Charges

    My experience with their shipping to Denmark, is that Strawberrynet handle all charges. I simply write them a friendly note with a scan of the customs form (outlining all charges), and they have deposited the funds within a week or so.

    I don't know whether the same will apply to UK customers, but if you are concerned, perhaps you would do well to email them about your specific case first.

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    Default Re: Strawberrynet Customs Charges

    I've not ordered from Strawberrynet for quite a while, even though I have a good discount from past orders.
    I always scanned my customs charge and Royal Mail fee and then e-mailed a copy to them and they never failed to refund me. I honestly don't know how they can refund the fees and still sell fragrances at good prices, it's a wonder they've not gone out of business. The best thing to do would be to drop them an e-mail first before ordering, just to make certain they will honour a refund. They are a good company and I never had any problems with them.

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    Default Re: What do you guys Think of StrawberryNet web store?

    EDIT: Below is my first post. Since contacting them issued a full refund, they communicated with me quickly and were highly professional. There was something very off with the bottle of MKK I received, however they delt with the problem quickly and satisfactorily. I would happily order from them again and highly recommend their service.

    I recently order a bottle of MKK from them and while the packaging and bottle were genuine the product inside was an alcohol mixture with only the slightest hint of the real MKK. When I contacted them they said it was because of temperature changes during shipping. I'm pretty upset about it and so far they haven't fixed the problem.

    If I were you I would pay the extra $20 and order directly from As this has been quite an unpleasant experience for me.
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    Default Re: What do you guys Think of StrawberryNet web store?

    Once upon a time Strawberry was the holy grail of internet perfume and cosmetics shopping, i remember prices were so low.. it was crazy. As time passed i guess as even more people got to know about the site, they raised the prices and now everything there is overpriced.
    My orders were genuine, I've never heard someone getting a fake. Items are packed properly, postage isnt expensive, loyalty bonus rules and if you pay customs, you just scan them the reciept and they give you your money back. Thats why i respect them, but i dont buy perfumes there anymore because, as i said, prices really are over the top.
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    Default Re: What do you guys Think of StrawberryNet web store?

    has anyone's transaction been on hold and they request an utility bill to verify payment even when you paid using paypal? they have not replied my email for 2 days after the initial reply from them!! i am very annoyed. do i have to keep sending them emails?

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    Default Re:

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