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    Default Re: SotD Friday 12 March

    I'm wearing my true love and signature scent Alien. And boy am I glad I did. They washed the rugs at work tonight. Talk about the smell of a wet dog....ugh. The beautiful whiffs of my Alien are helping me get through. That's why I love it so....mmm mmm I smells goooooood
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    Default Re: SotD Friday 12 March

    Thinking of you, 30 Roses...

    Today I wore Midnight Charm, a limited edition from a few years ago from Dior

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    Default Re: SotD Friday 12 March

    am. Chez Bond
    pm. Wall Street
    Both from Bond No.9

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    Default Re: SotD Friday 12 March

    Hi all, with best wishes to the suffering and sleepless...

    Today I tested the weird but ultimately bland (aquatic top over weirdly gourmand oriental soapy fabric softener) Bulgari Blu Pour Homme.

    For the evening, I'm testing the weird but ultimately gross (violets & woodsy vetiver combining to form an unexpected aquatic mess) DSqared He Wood.

    Has everyone checked out my Top 100 Blog??

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    Default Re: SotD Friday 12 March

    What diversity among the SotDs today! This thread smells like my sample drawer. (That's a good thing!)

    30 Roses, it sounds like you've found the perfect situation for your Mom. Hooray!

    I wore Sonoma Scent Studio Rose Musc today. This has been on my wish list for too long. Time to get a bottle!

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    Default Re: SotD Friday 12 March

    Work has been grizzly lately and I wore Infinite Grace today as the name seemed like just what I the weekend, so happy. Sa Majeste to bed!

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    Default Re: SotD Friday 12 March

    Quote Originally Posted by Antaeusintheair View Post
    Trying to enjoy my hefty orientals before the winter comes to a close (though I have plenty of time here) and inspired by NTesla's threads I'm joining the Habit Rouge Eau de Parfum admiration society for my scent of the evening.
    My eponymous jacket is red too. And I love HR EDP.
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    Default Re: SotD Friday 12 March

    Today I wore Givenchy's L'Interdit (vintage).

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    Default Re: SotD Friday 12 March

    SOTD: Histoires de Parfums 1889 (Moulin Rouge)

    SOTE: Aramis Cool Blend

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    Default Re: SotD Friday 12 March

    Getting a little stressed over these darned taxes...splashed on a bit of Hypnotic Poison (from a sample) to get through it. :P

    Initially felt like I had used a bit of a masculine...hmmmm...

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    Default Re: SotD Friday 12 March

    Oh, Raindrop. Taxes have me down this week, too. What a mess our country is in...

    Time to spritz something comforting. Blue Amber for me tonight, I think.

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