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    Default RL Safari

    Thoughts? Was this discontinued and then reissued/reformulated? Would online discounters and Marshalls/TJ Maxx etc. have old stock or newer stuff?

    Still on my green floral quest and thought this might fit the bill.


    P.S. I wore the men's version in college sometimes, but was not a perfume snob then and barely remember the scent. But this query is about the original marketed to the ladies.
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    Default Re: RL Safari

    I think you'd like it, possibly a lot. I love it - I think it's a very beautiful and particularly romantic fragrance, completely worthy of my 5-Stars. It reminds me of Chanel No. 19, but it's more dramatic and opulent, the rose/floral accord is bolder, and there's no leather. People often describe No.19 as cool due to the iris, so try to imagine a warmer No. 19, without the iris and leather. Add a drop of well-blended lush florals (heavy on the rose) and you've got Safari. There's some green in there for sure, but it doesn't strike me as a particularly green floral,'s not vivid green, at any rate. I wouldn't call Safari refreshing - the green is more earthy than that, more smoldery. It's really gorgeous.

    I remember rumors of its discontinuation, but either they were false, or they decided to start distributing it again because it seems to be easily found online, although I don't know if it's been reformulated. The stuff I have is all the same, but none of it is very new. It's not expensive though, and they have those 15ml purse flacons that usually go for under $20 so I'd say it's worth a try, especially if you seem to get along with RL fragrances in general.

    Edit - I wanted to add that it's rather aldehydic and soapy, so that's something to be aware of. It reminds me of Balmain's Ivoire in that respect.
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    Default Re: RL Safari

    Just like Evangeline, I don't find Safari to be that "green". It's a very unique fragrance, and it can be found in several webshops.
    It's nothing like the sickeningly sweet (sorry!) fragrances which Ralph Lauren has been feeding us lately. Safari is a classic, and on the male side I find the original "Polo" to be a marvel.

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    Default Re: RL Safari

    Thanks for the responses!

    I guess I'm looking for something distinctly floral but shot through with galbanum or vetiver or preferably both. No. 19 works for me, but I want something similar but different so I'm not always reaching for 19. Ivoire is great but more soapy and sandalwoody than what I'm looking for. Safari might just be the ticket (budget-wise); I'm still going to sample all the other great recommendations from the earlier thread. Thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Antaeusintheair View Post
    I guess I'm looking for something distinctly floral but shot through with galbanum or vetiver or preferably both.
    Safari has both, plus some other very green notes, but they're in there among lots of other stuff, too (hence the opulence.) And you never know - you might find it very green after all, or at least green enough to suit your needs.

    Top Notes - Galbanum, Green notes, Mandarin, Aldehyde, Hyacinth, Orange, Daffodil, Blackcurrant
    Middle Notes - Muguet, Rose, Narcissus, Carnation, Orchid, Honey, Jasmine
    Base Notes - Cedar, Musk, Vetiver, Styrax, Vanilla, Amber, Tonka Bean, Patchouli
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    Default Re: RL Safari

    I have Safari and love it! I got mine a couple of years ago at either TJ Maxx or Marshalls for about $25. To me it's very green and floral, but I really couldn't say, "rose" or "jasmine," more like a nice blend of florals. I find it drier and more versatile than No. 19. Better suited to daily, casual wear. The notes from Osmoz are a little different than above:

    Top notes
 - Galbanum, Mandarin, Hyacinth, Aldehydes
    Heart notes
 - Rose, Lily of the valley, Narcissus, Orris
    Base notes - 
Vetiver, Moss, Tonka, Styrax

    Although there's no labdanum listed, it's very chypre-like. Perhaps there has been some reformulation and the moss is now substituted with patchouli (and the Osmoz list is from the original 1990 formula) , but my current bottle seems to me very much like what I remember from almost 20 years ago. Green, mossy, floral, dry, and chypre-ish, but not too soapy or as challenging as many old-time chypres. I say "Go for it!"
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    Default Re: RL Safari

    I lifted that list from the BaseNotes Directory - my apologies for neglecting to give proper credit. I agree with you, an_oud_girl - it is very chypre-y. I've never been able to single out many of the notes in Safari, so I suppose I've just been assuming that it's classified as a floral-chypre.

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    Default Re: RL Safari

    This is one of my favorites, and save Jacomo Silences, the most hard-hitting dose of galbanum ever made. I love galbanum!
    It's a very bitter, sweet-though-unisex chypre, and pretty darned intense and long-lating.s It's sweet along the lines of Diva, not sweet by today's definition, and I do get leather, quite a bit.

    IMO, RL made two masterpieces in fragrance: Polo and Safari Women.

    If you know Tom Fords PB Arabian Wood, it's nearly a dead ringer, though heavier and longer-lasting. When I first tried TF AW, I was very surprised! "Safari? Is that you??!" But as far as I know old Safari is still cheaper.

    I am looking into the differences between the new and old bottles, in order to score some older stuff rather soon. I'd hate to stumble on the new stuff, as I can almost conjure it: mossless, thin, verdant, and lemony with absolutely NO bitter bang!

    I once had a tub of the "rich" body cream, in a crystal jar with a tooled silver and horn cap, and I can assure you, it was the single finest perfumed accessory I have ever owned. Something about that bitterness and heat in a cream was DIVINE!

    Please try some, it would be fabulous for a man!

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    Default Re: RL Safari

    I think I will pick this up (I've seen it at Marshalls several times) as it really does sound spectacular and just what I'm craving. But I'm a bit confused... should I look for older Safari stock or should what's available at discounters be ok?

    In the search for my greens I bought a small (and cheap!) 15 ml Chanel Cristalle edt to try today and I sampled two that were not on my list at Neimans: Hermes Un Jardin Mediterranee and AdP Magnolia Nobile. I liked both and had tried the Hermes before (I'm a big Nil fan) but both came off as too sweet. The fig in the heart of Ellena's Mediterranee overwhelmed me, but the top and base were more what I wanted. Tomato leaf is a fantastic note, beautifully rendered here. The AdP is the first magnolia scent I've tried that I think smells like the tree and makes me want to try Magnolia Romana (several BNers have recommended it) even more now.

    The vintage Azuree I bought online over the weekend arrived today and I will have more to say about that tomorrow. Basically it's love. A kind of Goldilocks "just-right" feeling about this scent that I can compare to others I love like No. 19, Cabochard, Bandit, etc., but it just works and fits me in a way the others don't (doesn't mean I love them any less though). So happy with it.
    Thanks again everyone for all your helpful advice.
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    Default Re: RL Safari

    I think Safaris is wonderful, love the green and woody notes of it.
    Alternatively, you could try Miss Balmain or the great classic Jean-Louis Scherrer. Both point into the same direction.

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    Default Re: RL Safari

    I'm really fan of Safari (men version) , but just top note ! i think top note is great. but after several minutes it became i little soapy. i just tested it. in near future i will buy it.

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