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    Default Cotswold Perfumery

    I was wondering if anyone had tried Cotswold Perfumery Neroli and had any thoughts on it. It seems modestly priced enough too.

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    Default Re: Cotswold Perfumery

    I've not tried it, but I know they do a sample set where you can pick what you want.
    I came across the company a while ago and saved their site as a favourite in my Firefox, but I've not purchased any samples yet. Now you've reminded me of the site, I'm on there looking again Their bottles are quite cheap, so if the quality is spot on, these could be a bargain buy.

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    Default Re: Cotswold Perfumery

    I've got a bottle of their Neroli and I'm happy to share my views on it as long as you're happy to accept the usual line about opinions being personal and subjective etc :-)

    I think the main thing to remember about it is that it's sold as a so-called 'flower water' which means, unless I'm mistaken, that it's meant to be taken as a fairly dilute cologne. It's certainly thoroughly convincing, fresh and bracing. The neroli notes come to the fore very soon and almost make the air around you shimmer with colour.

    The scent's drawback for me is two-fold. First, it doesn't last very long, but I guess that's to be expected from an EDC. Second, it introduces a touch too much petitgrain, which brings an unwelcome, metallic harshness.

    Still, as has already been said, it's very reasonably priced and definitely well worth sampling, as are all the Cotswold scents.

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