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    Default "For Men Only" by Helen Liebert - any information?

    Hi all - I'm new to this, so please be kind.

    I was fortunate to pick up a 12 oz. bottle of "For Men Only" cologne by the milliner/designer Helen Liebert. I haven't found much information on the 'net about this concoction or its designer. Ms. Liebert workded from the '40s into the '60s, that much I know. There was one other reference: a 1964 ad in the LA Times for the cologne ($10 a bottle, if I remember correctly - not bad for 45 years ago, eh?).

    The bottle is sewn into the cloth bag; the bottle is approx. 6.5 inches tall.

    The cologne is a light floral; not much life to it - it doesn't last.

    I will appreciate any information that anyone can offer on the cologne or on Ms. Liebert.

    Thanks to all.

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    Default Re: "For Men Only" by Helen Liebert - any information?

    Looks cool. I like that sewn on label style that was used on many items of clothing during the 50s and 60s. What does it smell like?

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    Default Re: "For Men Only" by Helen Liebert - any information?

    i remember this scent and recognize the bottle -- i just couldn't recall the name of the designer. this was my father's cologne and it was still available in Seattle in the early 1960s, but only at one exclusive men's store. thank you so much for posting the picture.

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