Okay, so I'm new to all of this.
Lately I've been buying different body washes, which seem to be really big right now, but they really do clean up!

Some of these body washes have accompanying "body sprays", I like Old Spice's After Hours.

I recently purchased Everlast Original 1910 "deodorant spray", like 8.something ounces, big!!

So can the terms Deodorant Spray, Body Spray and EDT be substituted for another or is there a big difference?

Is Everlast Deodorant Spray, just for underarms?

Can the Old Spice Body Spray be used like a cologne and just hit the pulse points or do you sorta spray all over the body?

Will basenotes members consider reviewing "body sprays" like the Old Spice line or Blade? I've seen it done for Axe.