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    So I just bought Creed MI. Last night I was reading about it and I googled it. I found this article. It made me laugh so hard.

    The dude copies everything. Some of you may have heard about this already. This happened a little over a year ago. I guess the artist started getting compliments for the Unforgivable bottle case and he had no idea what people were talking about.

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    I would agree.....I am not a fan of anything that P Dizzle, I mean P Diddy launched.....i am king is the best if I had to pick one from His collection.....I'm just not a fan.....Thanks for the info.....Gary

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    lol he stole the juice AND the bottle! None of his music is original, either.

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    This artist could well have a point. Here's a link to his site. BUT, LOL, look at the bottle two to the left of the Unforgivable looking bottle. Maybe Pierre Cardin will go after him.
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