Hi all,

So I am trying to unravel something about the history of Mademoiselle Chanel No. 31 (one of the red label perfumes) in the 1940s. The folks at Chanel say they are certain that Ernest Beaux wasn't behind it, and clearly it's a reformulation of sorts of Rallet No. 1, minus the aldehydes, plus the 25% a-n-methyl ionone, etc. etc. So I am sitting here wondering: if not Beaux, who? Which leads me to wonder: anyone know perfumes out there, produced in the early 40s, that were using the ingredient? It was still pretty unusual at the time... Maybe someone at Givaudan? Coco Chanel was in Zurich...

Thanks for any ideas / leads / suggestions, best tm

Tilar J. Mazzeo