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    Lightbulb Donna Karan Gold.

    I found a bottle of Donna Karran Gold at my local Marshals and decided to give it a go. It languished in the fragrance refrigerator for a while and then one night I decided to try it as a sleep fragrance. It is heavy and definately lillies and I like it. When first I sniffed it I thought Oh my, but I have developed a liking for it. Anyone else have an opinion on this unusually intense fragrance? I had a thought of layering it with vanille but have not tested the hypothesis with experimentation.
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    I love, love, love Gold.
    I don't know if it's the (on my skin) quite light hearted opening, where I almost get a cucumber-like whiff, combined with the heavy, heavy monster that is the resinous, amber base. It's very light and dark to me, yin and yang if you like.

    I'm sure layering it with vanille is an excellent idea, although it could be an even bigger monster. But hey, you could always try!

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    Default Re: Donna Karan Gold.

    It is lingering and sweet but I would not call it intense. Overall I find it quite pleasant.

    Combining with vanilla? I have never tried, but then, are you familiar with Vanille Galante -- it is from Hermes -- lilies and vanilla, not that sweet at all, with very transparent and calming quality about it?
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    Twolf, I didn't realize that VG had a lily note.
    I've worn Gold EdT and I have to say, for something so watery and light, it can be rather heavy going. Gold has a strange, but alluring, lily accord; too synthetic, perhaps. A woman I work with kept on complimenting me on it, so I gave her my bottle. I hear that the EdP is different, more refined. The bottle sure is gorgeous! What I really would love is a cologne version of Gold.
    Donna Karan's fragrances, for the most part, are very daring for mainstream designer scents, I appreciate their off-beat beauty.
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