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Thread: Pink Jasmine

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    Default Pink Jasmine

    Here in Northern California, we mostly get pink jasmine instead of the regular white kind. It looks like regular jasmine, but the buds are pinkish-red before they bloom:

    It's so popular, at least here in Berkeley, that it's tough to walk a block without passing at least a house or two with pink jasmine climbing their fences. Walking around, I usually smell it before I see it. It's very heady and doesn't smell at all like the regular jasmine used in perfumes or jasmine tea. It mostly smells like a sweet combination of banana and vanilla, with little or no indoles. It's creamy and "white", but quite candied (kind of like how real jasmine oil can smell like bubble gum - pink jasmine has a banana milkshake thing going on).

    The only scent I know that's based on this pink jasmine is L'Artisan's Vanilia.

    I'm loving this smell - anyone got any recommendations? Please no candied fruity florals (ironic, I know, because I'm describing a flower that basically smells fruity ).
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    Those pink jasmine look delightful!

    Basenotes directory lists two scents with Pink Jasmine as a note:-

    Endless - Sarah Jessica Parker
    Love at First Glow - J LO.
    I haven't tried either of these, but you might like to give them a try.

    I didn't realise Vanilia had Pink Jasmine in the notes!
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    Default Re: Pink Jasmine

    I have never smellt this particular variety -- and I know there is always a Garden Center at your local Home Depot or Lowe's, but there is none around here in the radius of 70 miles, not that I know of, and we are still just starting to thaw out -- but there is a scent from the Index line of Fresh, called Pink Jasmine. Despite the neutral/negative reviwes, I found it quite pleasing, although it is by no means a soliflore.
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    Default Re: Pink Jasmine

    Lots of folk enjoy the Fresh, as Twolfie states.
    Smell for yourself, my might be perfect for you;-)

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    Default Re: Pink Jasmine

    I was going to suggest the Fresh Pink Jasmine as well. Really very nice imo, but not indolic and, well, fresh I guess. Now I know it is the pink jasmine itself that is less indolic. I tested at Macy's.
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