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    Default BMM10 The Road To The Final Spritz Day 11-12 Recap

    BMM10 The Road To The Final Spritz Day 11-12 Recap

    Half of the Scented Sixteen are set. Welcome back to The Road To The Final Spritz, I’m your host Somerville Metro Man. Four more bottles advanced to the Scented Sixteen including one #1 seed. That #1 seed is Yves St. Laurent Kouros out in the Comme des Garcons Region. Kouros has been telling anyone who will listen that it is their tournament to lose and they have been spraying what they’ve been talking as they dispatched Tom Ford Black Orchid in the first round and faced the eighth seeded Dior Eau Noire. The Immortelle Immortals were hoping to surprise the powerhouse Kouros but they never seemed to get their maple syrup defense in gear and Kouros overpowered them early and never let them get going. That just left some showboating until the final buzzer for The Big K and they closed with a flourish, 45-34. Next up will be the winner of the Dior Eau Sauvage/Creed Himalaya match neither which look to be too intimidating for their potential advance to the Regional Final.

    The defending champs Guerlain Habit Rouge were in action in the Guerlain Region as they took on the Ragin’ Ravageurs of Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur. Musc Ravageur was a popular dark horse, pre-tournament, and they immediately showed their quality in knocking off Knize 10 in the first round. The defending champs would be a whole different task for them. The Red Coats have been playing with intensity after being handed a number six seed. The “us against the world” technique is a great motivator and Habit Rouge has a right to be a little grumpy at the low seed handed to it. The match started out with a little back and forth between the two bottles but it quickly became evident which bottle had been to the Big Boutique before and which one was just getting used to it. Habit Rouge slowly started getting in to a flow and would score two for every one the Ravageurs would. That equation doesn’t spell success for the bottle on the short end of it and so Habit Rouge won, 49-37. The Red Coats will be facing another tournament tested team no matter who wins the Chanel Egoiste/Terre D’Hermes match. That one will definitely be a marquee match in the Scented Sixteen.

    Also in the Guerlain Region the house with the most bottles in the tournament was looking to get some respect back. Creed which started the tournament with six bottles, lost two in the first round and had two more in action today. Creed Silver Mountain Water might be the most unlikely Creed to get a bid but they managed to advance into the second round with a thorough thumping of Joop! Homme. They were going to face another of the department store brigade in Issey Miyake L’Eau D’Issey pour Homme, the fifth seed. So far this tournament has seen most of these niche vs. designer battles fall for the niche fragrances and this tilt was no exception to that rule as Silver Mountain Water proved that their version of L’Eau was more powerful as they won going away, 52-21. They will take on the winner of the Azzaro pour Homme/L’Artisan Dzing! match in the Scented Sixteen.

    Our last game is out in the Creed Region. If Silver Mountain Water was the least likely Creed to be here, Bois du Portugal always expected to be here. The only drawback is the committee overloaded this sub-region with so many top-notch bottles that there was going to be no easy path for any bottle stuck in this region. Their opponent was one of the designer fragrances expected to do well, Yves St. Laurent M7. If any designer fragrance was going to overturn the niche beating designer trend you would think M7 was one of them. The surprise in this one was the fast start M7 got out to as they took an early five point lead. The Creed boys look like they had been struck by a piece of Portuguese Wood and it showed. They couldn’t seem to make a dent in the lead and went into the half still down by five. Most observers expected a second-half comeback from Bois du Portugal but again it was M7 which showed the better halftime adjustments as they seemed to have Bois du Portugal lost on their motorway until they showed them the exit to the tournament, 47-36. M7 will be half of another marquee Scented Sixteen showdown as they will get the winner of Guerlain Vetiver/Creed Green Irish Tweed.

    Remember to keep voting and watching as only you have the ability to determine the winner.
    I’ll be back in two days as we’ll add four more teams to the Scented Sixteen.
    Until then, I'll see you back here on The Road to The Final Spritz.
    Somerville Metro Man….Out!
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    Default Re: BMM10 The Road To The Final Spritz Day 11-12 Recap

    Thanks for the enjoyable read, SMM! Looking forward to the next instalment.

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    Default Re: BMM10 The Road To The Final Spritz Day 11-12 Recap

    SMM is a genius - these are always really an enjoyable and absorbing read. Respect all round, say I.
    In a world where people smell bad, it is the personal responsibility of every Basenoter to improve the world one SotD at a time...

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