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Thread: Akon Konvict

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    Quote Originally Posted by Basteri View Post
    what ever floats your boat my friend if you like it and you relate to what he sings about fine, I do not and I am entitle to give my opinion as your give yours. They add absolutely nothing to the musical scenario and to society.
    With that said. Quentin Tarantino is a total prick for glorifying violence in his movies and add absolutely nothing to the cinematic scenario and to society. :P

    PS: Some of his movies are still awesome. I was just kidding, but you get the point I'm trying to make. Now let's all get along and pop in a Michael Bublé CD since some of us are enough of grown-ass men to look deeper into things than what we see on the surface instead of sh*tting on things we have little experience with.
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    Someone let me know how it smells like when they get it
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    I saw this for $6 bucks at a local discount store. Should I buy it? I smelled it from the cuff, lol and it just smells like a typical lemony light blue PH type of smell. but 6 bucks.... LOL! I'll look like an idiot though.

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    This is just what the world needs. Everyday I've been asking myself, "when is Akon going to come out with a fragrance?" Finally...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtgprox05 View Post
    That's a gross oversimplification and mass generilzation. Fact is that is how the media portrays it to non-fans, and like most things the media says, is almost completely off-base and entirely biased. I have these debates with my father too, who gets his info from political news pundits, point is it's simply not true.

    Plus. those that do, are clearly smart enough to recognize an opportunity to benefit from the image they portray, AND the even smaller percentage of those that actually lived through that stuff, have every right to rap or sing about it. Don't listen to it, fine, but I'm tired of people picking hip-hop as a whipping boy for the downfall of modern society, the same things happen with video games. All generations have popular culture that is criticized by older generations, this isn't anything new.
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    As a hip hop fan who understands the fundamentals of the art, a person who has studied the origins and knows REAL hip hop from what everyone else thinks hip hop is, I wholeheartedly agree with this. "Gangsta" rap to the true hip hop fan is the rotten branch in the tree. Besides, most of what you hear on the actual albums is generally not how the actual artist wants to put out. Creative control is generally directed by the music label. Many a artist have discouraged fans from buying an album after realising what they had been directed into doing...

    I myself am not a fan of heavy metal/death metal or even rock music for that matter. I listen to a few songs but I can live without it as I simply don't care for it. You won't see me going out of my way to bash this musical form. I simply acknowledge the fact that it's not for me and move on. And don't try to tell me that there isn't a rock artist that speaks on negative issues.

    It just bothers me when I see people whose opinions have obviously been doctored by the media come out and attack the art and its people. If you dislike the art, fine, leave it be.. but making grossly unsubstantiated comments fuelled by erroneous viewpoints and hidden prejudices while declaring everything associated with it as BAD brings your level of judgement into question.

    As for the fragrance itself, the marketing is obviously what it is. It's trying to associate cool with the idea of prison. Even I a hip hop afficionado can see this rather clearly. Yes Akon is a fool for letting this happen under his name. Yes its a stupid idea. Yes, yes, yes... but it's no worse than the over sexualised ads for every other fragrance advertisement out there and its just as harmful to the children. Nobody seems to mind that though..
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    I am just waiting for the rapper Ludicrous to launch a scent - I am sure it will be "Ludicrous!"

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    Default Re: Akon Konvict

    The thing I hate is, surely these celebrities wear some expensive stuff, and surely (I hope) they have good taste. Then why release such crap with your name attached to it?
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