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    Default Futur by Piguet - brief review

    I cracked open my bottle of Futur edp a couple of days ago, and here are my first impressions:

    The top note is definitely green and there is a note in there that is almost like clean, cold air in a white marble building. Words that come to mind: soaring, chrome, brilliance

    The middle goes very hushed on me - there's an anosmic phase for my nose, and then a non-indolic jasmine pipes up. I need to study this heart note more thoroughly.

    The base. O my gods, the base. The vetiver, patchouli and cedar wind together in a vortex. How can a fragrance evoke both forest floor and burning sand all at once the way this does? Words that come to mind: sequoia, tourmaline, red cliffs.

    If Futur were a journey, it would go like this:

    You arrive at the spaceport. You are put into suspended animation. You land, and your destination planet is one where you can go from rain forest to the Great Erg in a matter of footsteps. This may not be the Earth you came from, but it sure might be Gaia's sister.

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    Default Re: Futur by Piguet - brief review

    Wow, that's interesting! Thanks for sharing, Jardanel. Btw how would you rate its wearability factor?
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    Default Re: Futur by Piguet - brief review

    Interesting, Jardanel! Would you say that the opening is very perfumey-aldehydic, in the way of Chanel No. 5? You used the word "brilliant" Is is sparkling? Or is just cold and clean?

    This sounds like one I could really like if the top notes aren't too painful!

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    Default Re: Futur by Piguet - brief review

    I would rate Futur's wearability as intermediate to advanced. In other words, I don't think it'll be an across-the-board pleaser. It is challenging in a way that thrills me, and probably would thrill you, but I can imagine there would be some nose-wrinkling among others. Lovers of Vent Vert and Silences would give it the fairest trials. Btw, I think Futur could be worn by a man pretty easily.

    The opening is definitely not aldehydic in the manner of No. 5 or other classic aldehydic/floral scents. It's hard to describe - it's not medicinal or herbal, and although there is citrus listed in the top notes, it does not remind me of peels or fruit or anything else edible. There is almost something .... dare I say it..... synthetic (in the best possible way) that flashes through the top notes. Similar to the Paco Rabanne scents Calandre and Metal, but without the roses of Metal or the warmth of Calandre.

    The strongest thing I can say about Futur is that I had an immediate connection to the '60s when I smelled it for the first time.

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