When I was in Chicago last week, I stopped by one of the Sephora stores there.

One of the cast members (Sephora-speak for employee, as we know) there told me that Sephora opened a new store in the Loop on State Street, and that Chicago's mayor Richard M. Daley attended the grand opening. He also told me that "Hizzonah" is a Sephora fan, and that he buys his cologne and skin care from there. (Quite a contrast to the City of Detroit's fragrance-free workplace policy mentioned in another thread, if you ask me.) I wonder what fragrance available at Sephora the famous Chicago mayor wears: I see him as a YSL L'Homme kind of guy myself, but who knows.

Also, one can only wonder if this means that O'Hare Field will get a Sephora soon in the next round of Dept. of Aviation contracts (or maybe Midway Airport - after all, he is a South Sider). Hey - if it's good enough for San Francisco International...

(Please note that this is meant to be a fragrance thread, not a political thread.)