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    Default The scent of Skin

    The title may sound a little ominous, perhaps even in the vein of Susskind's book 'Perfume', but the sentiment is one that is ultimately rooted in the desire to find a fresh, delicate fragrance that stays close to the skin, does not overwhelm welcome, but intimate inspectors and has longevity.

    Aware that there are some very astute noses on Basenotes, any recommendations of scents that mimic a fresh velvet breeze would be greatly appreciated.....

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    Default Re: The scent of Skin

    I'll have to give this more thought, that is a special sort of scent. Perhaps a little more than you were thinking of, but very nice, is Mugler Cologne. It sits pretty close to my skin, and after the bright grassy vetiver burns off there is a very cozy light musk that lasts and lasts, a second skin layer.

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    Default Re: The scent of Skin

    Maybe Molecule O1 by Escentric Molecules - Iso E Super- a velvety there and not there kind of aroma .
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    Default Re: The scent of Skin

    Hmmm... if I'm understanding what you're asking for, you might want to try Frederic Malle's Dans Tes Bras.

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    Default Re: The scent of Skin

    Try Opal by Sonoma Scent Studio. Or speak to Sonoma's resident perfumer Laurie Erickson. Her skin musk/scents are gossamer light and close-wearing, she might be able to come up with something new if your ideas excite her enough.

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