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    Default Newbie here and needs help


    I'm ronna and this is my first post in this forum.

    I often feel dizzy whenever I visit a fragrance stores, so either my friends or my husband will go inside the store when I need one, while I’m waiting outside. I spray my perfume either on ankles or knees, I can not spray them higher than that, or the smell will become too strong. I've tried Versace, Benetton, Davidoff, l'occitane, boss, chanel, Lancôme, and some other more, including that white musk from the body shop that smells so bad and so strong it burns my eyes.

    Five years ago, my mother in law gave me Emosie edt from Hildegard Braukmann. It smells like water and soap (like that ordinary soap bar usually found in two/three star hotels). It was the first fragrance that I really like.
    I bought a new bottle last year, but it smells different. Much different, like they've changed the formula massively. Now it smells alcohol+somethingelse, but mostly alcohol.

    I gave up on this new Emosie and gave it to my friend. I still want to hunt for other edt, or even edp that smells like water + ordinary hotel soap bar though. Any suggestions are welcome.

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    Default Re: Newbie here and needs help

    Welcome Ronna!

    I would suggest you try Philosphy Pure Grace.
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    Default Re: Newbie here and needs help

    Welcome Ronna, in addition to other suggestions you might want to give Puro Lino a run. Very soapy, clean smell, at least to me...
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    Default Re: Newbie here and needs help

    Clean Ultimate might be an option for you, I recommend this one over the other Clean scents because I find it the most gentle and not as soapy as the others. As you seem quite sensitive to fragrances, the lighter the better methinks. It has a little musk sweetness to take the edge off the soapiness.

    Another one is Bath by Bobbi Brown, very gentle and very much soap and water.

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    Default Re: Newbie here and needs help

    Have you tried all-natural fragrances? All of the commercial ones that you've mentioned are mostly or entirely made with synthetic ingredients.

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    Default Re: Newbie here and needs help

    When I read your post, ronna, I immediately thought of Guerlain's Apres l'Ondee. I'm not sure where you are, but if it's available in your area, you could try it at a Guerlain counter. Or you could buy or swap for a sample. Apres l'Ondee is a very light scent of cold pressed violets. The original green Palmolive dish soap smells kind of like Apres, if you want a reference point. It's not exactly hotel soap, but it's nice and easy all the same.

    Sounds like the Emosie you loved was definitely changed. I feel for you. Happens all too often.

    Welcome to BN, and good luck to you in finding something you can wear.

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    Default Re: Newbie here and needs help

    Welcome to Basenotes Ronna. I think you'd like Cote Bastide Lin. It smells a little soapy, and as Cote Bastide describes "From the South of France, comes this light and clean scent of Lavender and Musk, evoking unmistakably the fresh smell of clean linens, air-dried in the warm sun of Provence. The Lin Eau de Toilette’s natural blend of essential oils makes it perfect on the days you long for a soft and comforting scent." The directory listing here includes a well-written review:

    It's possible that the bottle of Emosie you bought last year hadn't been properly stored by the shop and had begun to turn, resulting in it smelling like alcohol. Fragrances don't last forever and will spoil quickly if exposed to light or if subjected to extreme changes of temperature for a substantial amount of time.
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    Default Re: Newbie here and needs help

    So many replies, thank you thank you

    @Petruccijc: That fragrance goes straight into my "sniffing" list. I had a real good feeling when I saw it. I just hope I can find it in Berlin.

    @Silverbullet: I'm going to give it a try , I hope they sell it here.

    @The anointed one: *gasp* they actually sell those perfumes in this little town where I live, my hubby and I can go to the store this weekend.
    This is great, thank you!
    Bath from Bobbi Brown gets very high rating, btw.

    @Doc Elly: I've tried quite few of nature products in the past; they make great bath oils and butters. Maybe it's just my nose, but most of their perfume actually reminds me of kitchen, like spice mixed with roots and some dried flowers from the garden.

    @Vintagevogue: I can try it when I go to Berlin. They have Guerlain in the perfume counter in this town, but not this Apres, I can probably ask for a sample to be sent there though, I'm not sure. I come from SEA, but currently staying in East Germany until I'm done with my study.
    I can not understand why some company would change their product if it's already very good. It was just like some of Lavera products, the old ones did magic to my hair and the new ones do the opposite.

    @Socalwoman: My mother use that fragrance
    It smells very nice, light with a bit of sensual and professional touch, but I don't want to compete with her, no chance to win at all =D
    I thought the same too at first about Emosie, but the edt, they are getting harder to find. The appearance changed a bit too. I surely hope that it was just a storing problem. Hmm, next time I visit Berlin, I'll look for them again.

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