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    Default Waiter, there's a 6 in my soup!

    There's an errant 6 on the loose, up in the header. The relevant code block is below:

    <div class="ad_global_header">
    <div align="center">6</div>
    <!-- BEGIN TEMPLATE: ad_global_header1 -->

    <!-- END TEMPLATE: ad_global_header1 -->
    <!-- BEGIN TEMPLATE: ad_global_header2 -->
    <div id="ad_global_header2"></div>
    <!-- END TEMPLATE: ad_global_header2 -->
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    Default Re: Waiter, there's a 6 in my soup!

    Yeah, and I was thinking it's something with my browser. Glad that isn't the case.

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    Default Re: Waiter, there's a 6 in my soup!

    Why, my wardrobe has never been so ... sixy!
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    Default Re: Waiter, there's a 6 in my soup!

    So that's what that is! I paid it no mind. Now that you mention it, I kinda like it there. :P
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    Default Re: Waiter, there's a 6 in my soup!

    I was testing something, and forgot to take it out! gone now.

    Sorry for those that miss it

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