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    Default Diary Of A Newbie

    Well I went to Sephora today and tested out some colognes that I would potentially buy. I am not nearly experienced enough to point out what notes I did not like in the fragrance but I did find some nice ones and...not so pleasant ones.

    I really enjoyed YSL L'homme. It seemed to have a strong scent while still being sweet. Gucci Pour Homme II was also worth mentioning. I really wish I could describe to you guys what notes I was smelling but unfortunately I cannot

    Some I did not like were A*Men. When I first smelled this I gagged right in the store. I was not expecting that kind of scent to come out the bottle. I was also really looking forward to smelling Gucci Envy but when I sprayed it on the tester it did not impress me too much. I'll give it a second try tomorrow when I go back!

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    Default Re: Diary Of A Newbie

    Try Gucci by Gucci. Very nice.

    Welcome to here.......and you are not the only one who doesn't yet understand the lingo. I have soooooooooooo much to learn.

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    Default Re: Diary Of A Newbie

    lRemember that Sephora can make you a sample of any scent in their store. Take your time before buying something. Wear a scent several times from start to finish.

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    Default Re: Diary Of A Newbie

    I called Sephora and they said they do the free samples but the woman made it sound like I had to try the cologne in the store and buy that same day. Any info on this?

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    Default Re: Diary Of A Newbie

    Mike1990 and DEMON,

    I'm not sure if I've welcomed you both to Basenotes or not, but "WELCOME" in case I haven't. You both sound like me a year ago. I joined here in Jan '09. I'm still no expert, don't get me wrong, but I think I've come a long way in a year. So hang out here, enjoy the journey, give it a year. You'll be hooked, and a little lighter in the wallet.

    adonis' advice is great. I bought a few without testing them thoroughly, and several of them I regret now. The best example is Hugo. I bought it on the top notes (opening) alone. But now when I wear it (which I won't any more), after the opening is gone its just a sour musty smell I can't stand. So whether you can get samples from Sephora or not, sample, sample, sample before you buy. Go into the store and use the testers several times if you have to.

    Mike1990, back on topic of your thread. I appreciated Envy, but my wife hated it, so I ended up ruling it out. She said I smelled like her Grandfather. Her grandfather is a great man, but that's not the association I want my fragrance giving her. I thought L'Homme was nice, but still not Full Bottle Worthy for myself. If you liked it, give Paco XS, Viktor & Rolf, and maybe L'eau D'Issey a shot.

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    Default Re: Diary Of A Newbie

    Quote Originally Posted by mike1990 View Post
    I called Sephora and they said they do the free samples but the woman made it sound like I had to try the cologne in the store and buy that same day. Any info on this?
    As regards samples, they are free, no purchase required. Just bring the SA over to the fragrance and ask for a sample. They'll make it up right there.

    The first time I ask for a sample the SA was also a little put-off, but I think that's because it isn't a common request at the Sephora we have here. After coming back to make a purchase things warmed up considerably. And now that I've been going there once a week we're on first-name-basis and they leave me alone to browse, with no hesitation about samples.

    As mentioned above, getting a sample is a good idea so you get to now the scent from start to finish. I've already made a couple of purchases due to sampling and avoided a few near misses.
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    Default Re: Diary Of A Newbie

    One nice thing about being a fragrance aficionado is the exploration.

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