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    Default BMM10 The Road To The Final Spritz Day 13-14 Recap

    BMM10 The Road To The Final Spritz Day 13-14 Recap

    The dance card for the Scented Sixteen is almost full as we add four more bottles. Hello everyone Iím Somerville Metro Man here in the Spritz Center and welcome to The Road To The Final Spritz. Three very anticipated matches and three surprisingly easy margins of victory for the winners. Letís get started with last yearís beaten finalists out in the Creed Region.

    Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan has been on a mission since their loss last year to Habit Rouge in The Final Spritz. The Sultan of Spray have felt they shouldíve walked away with the gold last year and this season has been all about redemption for the golden turbaned fans of The Sultan. They easily dispatched Calvin Klein Obsession for Men in the first round and their second round opponent Chanel Antaeus looked to be a tougher opponent. Chanel entered the tournament with five bottles in play but, so far, they havenít been playing like the top tier House those bids would indicate and with only Antaeus and Egoiste left Chanel needed a big win to restore some pride to the interlocked Cís. In the early going Antaeus was nozzle-to-nozzle with Ambre Sultan and three quarters of the way through The Sultan only had a four point lead. The last quarter was where last yearís experience showed as The Sultan outscored Antaeus 10-7 over the closing stanza to win, 53-46. The next opponent for The Sultan will be the winner of the Aramis Havana/Tom Ford Grey Vetiver match.

    There were two games out in the Serge Lutens Region, the first one was an all-designer affair as Boucheron Jaipur Homme took on Dior Fahrenheit. The Thermometer Titans of Fahrenheit were feeling pretty good after having beaten Versace The Dreamer in the first round and not having to face Davidoff Cool Water due to Jaipur Hommeís upset. The little bottle from Boucheron would firmly accept the glass slipper of this yearís Cinderella if they could pull off a second upset. Right from the opening whistle Jaipur was up and down the boutique floor stifling Fahrenheitís sprays and not missing at their end of the boutique. Jaipur took a ten point lead into halftime. The second half saw Jaipur continue the recipe that got them that lead and to not only hold the lead but extend it. When the final horn sounded you could see there wasnít enough mercury left in Fahrenheitís thermometer to register a degree as Jaipur soundly thumped them, 58-39. Jaipur will get its third designer opponent in a row in Gucci Envy for Men in the Scented Sixteen.

    The other match was Serge Lutens Chergui versus the Fighting Iris of Dior Homme. The Fighting Iris were a pre-tournament favorite and they had been acting like it as they blew out Diptyque Eau Lente by 59 in the first round. Chergui as one of only two Serge Lutens entries in the tournament wanted to join Ambre Sultan in the Scented Sixteen. Clearly Chergui was motivated by the chance to have Home Boutique advantage in the Scented Sixteen as they stormed out of the gate quickly building an eighteen point lead at half time. The Fighting Iris looked like they had been left in the sun too long and were completely lifeless. Things got a little better in the second half for The Fighting Iris but the hole was too deep and Chergui heads home to Paris to face Czech & Speake No. 88 in the next round.

    If the Serge Lutens duo were flying the flag of their House high, Chanel was lucky their flag was flying at all. With only one bottle still standing in Chanel Egoiste and the number two seeded Terre DíHermes in their way Egoiste was going to have to dig deep to keep Chanel from doing an epic flameout in the tournament. Right from the opening moments it looked like Egoiste was willing to take on the mantle of last bottle standing for Chanel. They were patient and methodical on offense and opportunistic on defense. That combination allowed them to craft a ten point half time lead. The second half saw Egoiste hold strong as Terre DíHermes kept lofting in long range grapefruits only to have Egoiste respond. When all was said and done Egoiste salvages some small bit of pride for Chanel as they advance, 50-40. They face the defending champs in Guerlain Habit Rouge in the next round and that promises to be a great one.

    Remember to keep voting and watching as only you have the ability to determine the winner.
    Iíll be back in two days as weíll know the last four teams in the Scented Sixteen.
    Until then, I'll see you back here on The Road to The Final Spritz.
    Somerville Metro ManÖ.Out!
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    Default Re: BMM10 The Road To The Final Spritz Day 13-14 Recap

    Many thanks for the report, Mark. Always look forward to your input. Keep it coming.
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    Default Re: BMM10 The Road To The Final Spritz Day 13-14 Recap

    Yes, indeed, SMM, you inspire me to put cunning, emotive strategy into my picks from here on out!
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