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Thread: D&G Pour Homme

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    I just got this stuff and it doesnt work on my skin at all..i will happily sell the 4.2 oz for 40 bucks shipped! or trade it for a 1.7 of chanel platinum egoist

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    I had the same problem and it made me feel a bit sick after a while. I ended giving mine away , good luck in selling/trading it.

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    I recently revisited D&G Pour Homme since it was a designer scent I loved years ago but forgotten since I started steering into niche perfumery. I remember the juice being a dark piss yellow, the smell...heavy tobacco and sweet. Perfect for Fall wear but the stuff I have now seems to pale in comparisons. It's light enough to wear during the warm season. The label used to be sticked on, now it's printed on the glass bottle.

    Can't say its been reformulated but it's lighter than I remembered or maybe its just been a while.
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    yea, i thought it was a fake when i first got it, i had some vials and they are way heavier smelling, this new stuff i dont like

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