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    Default Bergamotto by AdP

    Hey everyone,

    I have this fragrance that sorta drives me crazy. I love the opening and first hour. Very fresh and citrus, but it sorta goes bonky sour on me. I was wondering if it's the Benzoin that's in the base that Im not a fan of, because something strong overtakes the fragrance as it dries down. Im curious if I could find a couple volunteers to sample this. I can put the fragrance in a little vial and put it in the mail. I would love to get some help in identifying this so I can avoid the note that Im not a fan of.

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    I tried this about a week and a half ago and liked it quite a bit. I don't recall the basenotes turning sour, though. There is cedarwood in it, which is mostly derived from Juniper (Juniperus Virginiana). My guess is that is what you might be smelling as it has balsamic undertones. More info here:
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    Default Re: Bergamotto by AdP

    I would stick with the original AdP. If you like bergamot, good natural bergamot colognes are tough to come by. Guerlain Eau du Coq has some and so does LV Acqua di Colonia though they are mixed with a floral neroli.

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