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    Default I was in NYC and had a hard time getting excited about scent

    The mecca of testing everything that I wanted to, having heard and read about it, and here I was in NYC. Took GIT with me, but most days, I wore nothing. Went to Saks and tried Guerlain. Habit Rouge Sport, but there is a creamy/powdery aspect and a floral note that is not quite lavendar, but like it. Nice though. Penhaligons, yes!! LP 9 was nice, and my second fav, and wanted to like English Fern but my wife keeps saying, what is that barbershop scent. She likes clean, but not soapy or barbershop. Dang, well, it had promises. Narciso Rodriguez for Him was okay. Bloomies was okay, but a lot of overlap. Got to try Costume National scents out, and Jo Malones (just sniffed a few from the bottle). Also tried D&G new one, Pour Homme I think. Also the number ones as well. Preferred the depth of Saks over Bloomies. Barneys was nice, and the Tom Fords I tried were not what I was expecting, not Black Orchid, Extreme, or the two or three others. Got to try Acqua di Parma Colonia Intensa and prefer the other Colonias. Ceryus as okay.

    Oh, they kept bombarding me with some green new bottle of Bond that is out and I did not even get a spritz!

    Well, I had to get to Aedes, so took a taxi. That day, there was a nude exhibition two or three doors down, man and woman full on nude. People taking photos. West Village of NYC and neat neighborhood. Small store, but wow, even my wife liked it. Tried the new Lutens and it was nice enough, but never got me like the older Chergui or Fumerie Turque. Smelled Eau d'Italie Baume au Doge, okay enough. Did like their special L'Artisan fragrance.

    Sorta like the Paul Smith Men's cologne that was in their store in Soho.

    But I left NYC with nary a sample nor a bottle. Loved the bath gel from the Helmsley New York on 42nd Street. Daughter was at the Grand Tribeca and I did not like the smell of the Malin and Goetz bergamot body wash, neroli shampoo or Cilantro hair conditioner.

    I wonder what this means. I have regular and backups of GIT and MI (and GIT is being worn a lot lately) and backup even of L'Air du Desert. Love my Montale Red Vetyver but other than these four, that is all I have. I was not wowed by anything.

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    Default Re: I was in NYC and had a hard time getting excited about scent

    NYC's fragrance shopping is good, but not stellar. I very rarely get inspired shopping here. We need a store on par with LuckyScent. I find it really hard to believe that the Parfumerie Generale line can't be found anywhere in NYC. FYI: Creed's new boutique is open on Madison and 67th Street.

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    Default Re: I was in NYC and had a hard time getting excited about scent

    Interesting - I had the same "problem" a few years ago when we were on holiday in Rome. We had two proper Italian shopping days and I saw and tested everything under the sun, but all I left with smell/grooming-wise was a bottle of Very Valentino (which I do love) and a tub of Proraso shaving soap. Hell, I bought more (a big-ass bottle of Boss Bottled and a Bulgari set) from the duty free in Da Vinci airport!

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    Default Re: I was in NYC and had a hard time getting excited about scent

    With Lucky Scent here, Los Angeles is hard to beat.
    Currently wearing: Royal Oud by Creed

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    Default Re: I was in NYC and had a hard time getting excited about scent

    I'm content with what I have, for the most part. I don't mind not being "wowed" by new niche frags, when I eventually sample them. Only Fumerie Turque really interests me at the moment, among any frag I haven't sampled yet. I've got plenty of tobacco frags, though, so whenever I get a sample is soon enough. LOL.

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    Default Re: I was in NYC and had a hard time getting excited about scent

    Well, it is just that Memphis is full of the designer stuff, and you may have one shop carry say Creeds and Bonds, and that is it for niche, or another store may have a few DIptyques, but nothing like Aedes or Lucky Scent or even Saks. So to be able to be uptown Manhattan and walk into three stores and try a ton of niche stuff, and then to Aedes, was, well, like a Holy Grail. Yet it is said that sometimes the journey and not the destination is the point. I guess I was trying to find "the" scent and not "a" scent. Penhaligons English Fern is what is in my mind right now, even if wife thinks barbershop. Might make for a good summer scent

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