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Thread: Any takers?

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    Default Any takers?

    I came upon this as I was going through some Ebay listings:

    I did not realize how rare and valuable these free sample were. Maybe we should all start stockpiling these now!

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    Default Re: Any takers?

    I like the fact that it is empty.

    "LE MALE by Jean Paul Gaultier, for men, very small spray bottle, empty, for collectors, for further informations or pics dontt hesitate to connect me."
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    Default Re: Any takers?

    It is very collectible, if you are a hoarder! LOL.

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    Default Re: Any takers?

    Oops, I binned 2 just last month
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    Default Re: Any takers?

    I'm starting to see loads of these new empty sampler bottles on there for silly money - has some hardcore collectors market sprung up to counter the vintage market?!?!?

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    Default Re: Any takers?

    if there is people paying its worth it.
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    Default Re: Any takers?

    Hah. He or she is also selling an EMPTY 2.5oz bottle of le male for 79.90 "for collectors."

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    Default Re: Any takers?

    I am on this like white on rice!
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    Default Re: Any takers?

    I assume you have got to be the biggest name around to be wearing Le Male in germany, no joke
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