"Odeur was founded in 2006 by Petter Hollstrom. Currently,the collection's designed by Hollstrom along with Anna Lidstrom and Gorjan Lauseger. Originally, Odeur was a brand experiment seeking to broaden the opinion of what design really means from a branding perspective, using a unique scent and its molecular structure as a replacement for the traditional, word-based logotype.

The aroma of Odeur is based on a number of visual factors; the clean lines of clothing with an almost androgynous alien look. By using aromas that stem from a higher scale, the scent of Odeur is meant to be a light, white and clean fragrance. It is not specific, and the chosen aroma covers all natural elements. It is fresh, clean and modern.

The fragrance is similar in structure to 'Ck One' and when drawn as a molecular diagram produces a triangular shape, a shape that can be found throughout the collection - from patterns to cuts to the logo.


Their 5th collection, for Spring/Summer 2010 include 'Smell Jeans', the 'Aroma Cardigan' and a 'Top Notes Vest'.

What would your favourite frag look like if it was an item of clothing?