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    Default Jivago 24k

    I was just curious to know what BN ladies and gentleman think of this scent.
    Frankly, I am loving it.
    I would say it''s a very perfumey, very rosey aldehydic, transparent , floral, with great staying pow er, sillage to spare, and a very sensuous, warm drydown.
    The thing is, once I hated it; I thought it was the Giorgio of the nineties, the perfect scent for the attention-seeking Nouveau Riche types...
    But boy has it grown on me. Probably a combination of maturity and disillusionment with the quality of designer scents of late...
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    Default Re: Jivago 24k

    I tried this about a year ago and remember really liking it. The only problem was that the sprayer mechanism was difficult and I ended up with it all over my hands as well has myself. Then just a couple of months ago, I was at my doctor's office and smelled something lovely on her medical assistant-- not too strong, not too sweet, fresh but not in a soapy or detergent way. Just really pretty. Yep, it was Jivago 24k. I've been meaning to try it again.

    Btw, do you have trouble with the sprayer?
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    Default Re: Jivago 24k

    I smelled it on someone recently, too - a restaurant hostess was wearing it and I was in her very alluring sillage as she showed us our table. When I asked what she was wearing she looked shocked and guilty, then told me the name and admitted that she wasn't supposed to be wearing any perfume. She said she had just used the tiniest amount hoping nobody would notice. I found it plenty noticeable, but I felt bad for almost ratting her out. I hope her manager didn't overhear.

    Come to think of it, I think I might have an unsniffed mini of this somewhere - y'all make me want to dig around for it now.

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    The spraying is hard because of the silly shape, and you really need two hands, as you cannot hold it and spray it. But it does not leak or anything.

    silly bottle

    I bought a gift set, the works, and I did not get a stand for the silly thing, so it lies down and rolls if I am not careful. Glad to know you like it, too, ladies!

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    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Jivago 24K!!! It literally makes my knees weak every time I wear it. The thing that I like about it is that it is so distinct and unique. The sillage and longevity are amazing too! Did I mention I LOVE it?!
    PS: I'd say Jivago 24K is in the realm of Bill Blass's Nude. As Hillaire said, transaprent, perfumey and aldehydic.
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    I'd actually put it all the way up there with pre-reformulated First by VC&F!
    And since it's discontinued, ladies and gentlemen, it's not reformulated and bottles are affordable and prevalent.
    Get the body cream, too! (Marvelous)

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