BMM10 The Road To The Final Spritz Day 15-16 Recap

The Scented Sixteen are all lined up inside the Big Boutique with everyone else looking in through the big plate glass windows in envy, the emotion not the fragrance; Gucci Envy is still playing. Hello again Fragrance Fans Iím Somerville Metro Man welcome to The Road To The Final Spritz. The final four games of the second round took place including the marquee matchup of Guerlain Vetiver versus Creed Green Irish Tweed but before we get to that there were three other games to talk about.

The best game took place out in the Guerlain Region as eighth seeded Azzaro pour Homme hooked up with LíArtisan Dzing! This was the most back and forth contest weíve had so far in this tournament as early on Dzing! was sticking the exclamation point right between the nozzle of Azzaro and held a two point lead. It took until well into the third quarter for Azzaro to slowly but surely take a three point lead only to watch Dzing! once again find their spraying touch. With a minute left to go the match was all tied. Azzaro showed that their powerhouse days were not behind them as they got their atomizers screwed down tight and finished the game with a 3-0 run to win 39-36. Azzaro will face Creed Silver Mountain Water in the Scented Sixteen.

Out in the Comme des Garcons Region another Creed was in play as Himalaya took on Dior Eau Sauvage. Himalaya was achieving some unexpected altitude and if they could knock off the number five seed they would continue that climb up Fragranceís Everest. The Citrus Savages of Eau Sauvage have been one of the most storied fragrances in the tournament and they have seen other fragrances copy their offense but they always believe the originators are still the best. That pride showed through in this match as Eau Sauvage never let Himalaya build any kind of momentum and in the end they dominated the game winning, 57-26. Next up will be Yves St. Laurent Kouros in a battle of real fragrance innovators.

The last two entries into the Scented Sixteen would come out of the Creed Region. The first game out there was a mix of old and new as the newly revitalized Aramis Havana took on the new kid in town Tom Ford Grey Vetiver. Havana, showing off their new stylish uniforms, looked ready to re-establish their dominance on this tournament. Grey Vetiver had always looked to just be happy to be invited and that difference in confidence showed as Havana got down to business from the start and Grey Vetiver looked a little lost in the boutique. By the end it was a mercy killing as Havana wins, 61-28. The next match for Havana in the loaded Guerlain Region will be Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan.

The last match of the second round was probably the most anticipated as Guerlain Vetiver took on Creed Green Irish Tweed. The Creed supporters decked out in their finest Irish attire on St. Patrickís Day were looking to cap off their celebration by taking down the number one seeded Guerlain power. Alas it looks like Green Irish Tweed had started their St. Patrickís Day celebrating the night before as Vetiver stripped them bare in the early going opening up a 20 point lead that was cut to 15 by halftime. The beginning of the second half looked like this was going to be a sad day for the Creed supporters but then all of a sudden like shaking off a bad hangover Green Irish Tweed started a furious rally with the clock as much an opponent as Vetiver. When the clock wound down all Green Irish Tweed could do was hang their nozzle in shame as they came up five points short, 50-45. Vetiver will take on Yves St. Laurent M7 in the Scented Sixteeen.

You could see the vindication on the faces of the Guerlain fans as they had put their third bottle into the Scented Sixteen and by eliminating a Creed it must have felt especially gratifying. After getting the most bids, six, Creed now only has one bottle left standing Silver Mountain Water. Chanel also has the same issue going from five bids down to one; Egoiste the sole remaining bottle for that House. Guerlain has three left in Vetiver, the defending champs Habit Rouge, and Heritage. Vindication for that House for the lack of faith shown by the committee. Serge Lutens and Yves St. Laurent both have two bottles apiece and they must also be feeling good about out performing Creed and Chanel.

Remember to keep voting and watching as only you have the ability to determine the winner.
Iíll be back in two days as weíll know half of the Essential Eight.
Until then, I'll see you back here on The Road to The Final Spritz.
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