Okay, so pretty much since I joined BN I've been banging on about how Aramis reformulations in my experience are identical to their original versions. I was overjoyed when I heard about the release of the GC and have swiftly collected them all up, with the exception of Life, mainly because I've never been that bothered with it. It's okay but not brilliant which, for Aramis, is not good. Today whilst browsing around the local boutique, I had a quick test spray just for the hell of it. What's this? That's not Life, is it? Is it?!?!?! I recognised some of the notes, but the GC release of Life is definitely not what I remember from the previous version. Either my memory has failed me big time, or the reformulation has happened in a significant way. This is both good and bad - good because it's much better than the original, bad because it now means I have to go and get a bottle, just as I'd got to a point where I thought I'd better tail off the acquisitions.

So, does anyone have, or has had, both versions for a side by side comparison?