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    Default Fruity essential oils?

    Good day,
    Are there any essential oils that have a fruity smell....not necessarily citrus, but more berry/apple/plum like? Thank you!


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    Default Re: Fruity essential oils?

    hello patti,
    the only thing that comes to mind is osmanthus absolute.
    there are some berry oils, but i think most of them rather belong to the spice category. juniper, et cetera. i think most fruit notes in perfumery are made with esters.

    maybe some more experienced member knows of something?
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    Default Re: Fruity essential oils?

    a certain chamomile might have an apple-like smell.

    Try or camden-grey, or liberty natural products.

    There are also some cherry, berry (blackberry for one) scents out there but I do not know if they are natural, or if it matters.
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    Default Re: Fruity essential oils?

    Not an essential oil but rather an aromachemical, Ionone Beta has a berry/grape sort of quality, I quite like it in small doses.
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    Default Re: Fruity essential oils?

    Essential oils with some fruity qualities: davana, osmathus absolute, black currant bud absolute, buchu leaf oil, petitgrain, tagete.

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    Default Re: Fruity essential oils?

    Black currant bud absolute definitely has a fruity scent, just like black currants. It's also very expensive. The others that Irina mentions aren't really fruity in the same way, although petitgrain does smell like citrus. Blue tansy has a very strange odor that might be perceived as somewhat fruity or (to me) like fried sweet potatoes. Eden Botanicals sells an orange fruit oil that smells just like orange fruit/juice rather than orange peel. Most fruit scents are synthetic because it's not really possible to get oil out of fruit.

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    Default Re: Fruity essential oils?

    Citrus smells I would have thought would have been the easier ones to come across, but I may be wrong. I guess Im so used to seeing them in so many different fragrances I would think the abundance used was very high and cost very low.

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    Default Re: Fruity essential oils?

    I thought the question was about odors other than citrus, which, as you say, are commonly available and cheap. However, citrus is made from the oils of the citrus rind, not the fruit itself.

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    Default Re: Fruity essential oils?

    Davana and tagetes are good exceptions, but most fruity notes -except for citrus notes- can not be made with only natural substances.

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    Default Re: Fruity essential oils?

    i just came across an ad at the natural perfumery group, remembering this thread i thought i should post it here.
    disclaimer: i have no idea who these people are, and no experience with their products.
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