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    Quote Originally Posted by mrclmind View Post
    Which criticism was that?

    I have had high hopes it wouldn't get to serious.

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    Got it... I'll respond on that particular thread.

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    Eau de Cologne 1920: Lavande by Jardin de France also smells great...simple, cheap, but still natural smelling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by merry.waters View Post
    To leave that money for such little - by any means - is vulgar.
    I had a hard time spending money on A Taste of Heaven too... and luckily I didn't end up having to, since my By Kilian Rep was kind enough to give me a very nice sized sample.

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    + 1 for Oxford & Cambridge
    In my opinion one of the finiest fragrances ever, full stop.
    Please see my "wanted samples thread"
    Looking for decants of French Lover and Chergui.

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    Caswell & Massey Lavender Water. This is a pure lavender scent and keeping in spirit with the eaux of the 18th and 19th century toilette waters.

    They also have Orange Flower Water.
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    "The Flower Duet," Lakme by Leo Delibes, 1881

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    I refer everbody to the excellent post on JamieB's excellent blog (if there is another basenotes awards I would nominate and vote for it):

    Lavender dominant fragrances will use lavender absolute, not only the oil. It is heavier and longer lasting, a middle note, more floral.
    The big issue with lavender fragrances for me is the fixation. There seem to be a few standard templates (moss, vanilla, musk).
    Several of the cheaper lavenders have good main lavender accords but, in my opinion, suffer in the musk department with somewhat nasty cheap bases which last long after the lavender has gone. I find big synthetic (i.e. all of them) musks unpleasant and unsubtle. I prefer the moss type base which is more natural but now surely threatened by IFRA. The vanillic/spicy accord is also good.
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    I agree with Agua Lavanda By Puig. Excellent

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    Trussardi dal 1911 Lavanda Cologne. Also very excellent.

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    Amazing how lavender gets such responses... I'm glad. I'm wearing Czech & Speake Oxford and Cambridge today, and I enjoy it a lot. A really amazing opening salvo, and then a very cool and pleasing dry-down.

    "The force that through the green fuse drives the flower // drives my green age..." Dylan Thomas

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