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    Default Help finding my next scent (or two)

    Hello all,

    I've been in here reading the last few nights, amazed at all the great info this community has in here. I'm afraid it's going to take me a while to get up to speed with some of the terminology and such, so please bear with me, as I will be asking some questions, I'm sure. And thanks in advance for your patience and guidance.

    I'm looking for a few suggestions as to what I could look at purchasing for my next scent, I don't want to bore you with a huge rundown of scents, but I've owned a few over the years and like to keep a collection, so I thought I would draw upon that information and post it, so that if I'm lucky enough to garner a few replies there's something for the posters to go on. Here goes:

    Obssesion: First cologne ever in HS. Could never wear it again, too overpowering.
    Farenheit: Second. Same thing. Had a customer who showered in the stuff and ruined it for me.
    Dune: Can't really remember it now, but liked it at the time. I think it smelled like Escape or Eternity. Not something I would want now.
    Zipped: Cheap and strong. Gross.
    Swiss Army: Gave it away to a friend as he always wore it (if someone wears a scent that I see often I no longer enjoy it)
    Pi: Girlfriend bought it for me. Not a huge fan, wore it for her, tossed it out eventually.
    Aqua di Gio: Had it stolen, didn't wear it much anymore as SO MANY DUDES WEAR THIS COLOGNE!

    Okay those are all the ones I no longer own. I work in customer service where I a) serve hundreds of people a day and b) can't wear cologne myself, so I smell scents on other people constantly.

    Paul SMith: Love this scent. STill wear it, have gone through two bottles. Longest standing cologne in my repetoire.
    Allure Homme Sport: Wear this kinda whenever, going to the corner store kinda cologne but I do like it.
    212: Like this one, not super distinguished but another ex really enjoyed it, so I wore it a fiar amount during that period.
    Hugo Boss Soul: Bought it to have something kind of warmer (maybe to replace the pi?), wear it in the fall sometimes, don't really use it all that often.
    Corduroy: Like a sample of it and ex GF bought it during a sale for me. Doesn't get a lot of play, it's just kinda basic I guess.
    Eau D'Issey: Bought this a couple months back. REALLY love the citrusy notes at the beginning and the way it settles in after.
    Bvlgari Aqua: Jsut bought this a few days ago. Was going to purchase Lacoste Essential, but upon smelling the Bvlgari, the Lacost smelled too similar to the Eau D'Issey, so I changed my mind (the girl who was helping me also said she sold a lot of it which turned me off).

    I have my nose on the Cartier Unisex scent, as I like the peppery notes in it. I don't think I'll end up doing the Lacoste after all and I once was close to buying the Givenchy Blue but I don't know that it interests me any longer either.

    What are some unique fragrances I should look into to expand my collection for summer?

    Sorry this post got so long

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    Default Re: Help finding my next scent (or two)

    Thierry Mugler Cologne is a great summer scent with great sillage and good longevity for a light-hearted fragrance.
    Welcome to BN!

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    Default Re: Help finding my next scent (or two)

    Thank you for the welcome and the suggestion. I shall seek that out to sample.

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    Default Re: Help finding my next scent (or two)

    Would Original Santal be something I should look for? I'm just browsing through some threads/write-ups on the Creed line-up and trying to find something in there I might appreciate but that also strays a bit (not alot!) from my current stuff...

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    Default Re: Help finding my next scent (or two)

    OS is not something you need, IMO of course. There are others like it that are much cheaper and quite similar, such as Individuel by Mont Blanc. One idea is to just do a lot of sampling for the next several months, which would help you determine what you like best. This would save you quite a bit of money, if you were to buy a bunch of bottles instead. It doesn't sound like you are sure of what you want at this point, so I don't think it's appropriate to tell you that there is this or that frag that you really should try. Instead, I would suggest getting a representative example of the different types of frags, and then wear them once every week or two, for at least a couple of months, before deciding upon what to buy (bottles). There are plenty of BNers who sell samples. Also, you could do what I did, which is to get a bunch of really cheap bottles of each frag type. For example, Lomani sells for around $7 for 100 ml and is a good quality fougere type of frag. This is especially good if you tend to spray a lot, because if you do the samples can really add up.

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    Default Re: Help finding my next scent (or two)

    Looking at your post, I get a strong spidey-sense you may like this one:

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    Default Re: Help finding my next scent (or two)

    Thanks for the suggestion Dullah, I shall seek that out to sample as well.

    Bigsly, thanks for the in-depth advice. What's the best way to go about locating a sampler pack of some varied stuff? I don't really spray a ton, so samples would probably do the trick. I'm guessing I can just post in another forum location....?

    Thanks again guys.

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