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    Default New Parfumerie Generale Limited Edition Fragrances

    Bois Naufrage and Gardenia Grand Soir.

    The description on the website for the Bois Naufrage sound very interesting fleur de sel, ambergris, Carob(?) and driftwood.
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    Default Re: New Parfumerie Generale Limited Edition Fragrances

    Yes, I had heard a little rumour about these a little while back. ... And being a bit of a "PG addict", am now thrilled to find out that it is indeed true. ~ Yay !!! ...
    Nothing thrills me more (well almost ) than news of a new "PG" !!!

    Bois Naufragé ... (i.e. "Shipwrecked Wood", directly translated) sounds very interesting indeed. And has me totally intrigued ! ...
    (Am already pretty sure I'm bound to luv it, as I have with most of Pierre's scents. ) ...

    The notes (as you've already stated) are indeed : Carob (Figuier d'Egypte), Driftwood, Salt Flower, Ambergris ...
    As far as I know "Salt Flower", is actually just a fine high quality marsh sea salt, and not really an actual type of flower as such. ... (So, just a fancy word for "salty notes" basically.)
    Which together with all the other notes mentioned (and, of course, title/name) implies a salty, and probably somewhat "aquatic", but distinctly woody fragrance. ... Which sounds good to me ! (Might there even be perhaps nuances of chocolate and coffee from the "Carob" (???) But I'm only just imagining here. For I've certainly never actually smelled Carob pods (seeds?) or it's wood before ?) ... So unless he means just the wood from the Carob tree (treated as driftwood) ? Who knows what part of the Carob tree is implied exactly ???
    (Would luv to know what other notes there might be ??? ... Have em@iled PG, and awaiting a reply !) ...
    Also, can it be that he has perhaps used genuine ambergris for this particular limited edition ??? As opposed to just his more usual amber background ? (Not that I'm complaining here, as I luv his previous "amber accords"). But wouldn't it be nice to finally have some real actual genuine ambergris for a change ?? Rather than just more "grey amber" type aromachemicals ? ... Which would be ideal (and "do-able") for a limited run. ... And if anyone would ... !? ~ (But I'm probably just wishing for waaaay too much here (LOL))

    For those of you who might be interested : ... As you might have heard before, Monsieur Guillaume is very much more inspired by images and pictures usually. (i.e. "sight", above his other senses). ... And the exact picture which has inspired this particular fragrance, is a photograph taken in 1971 named "Nu au Bois Flotté" (i.e. "Nude upon Driftwood"), by photographer Lucien Clergue.

    And this is the very pic :

    (Sorry about the very tiny size. Still trying to work out how to resize these damned pics ! (LOL)

    As for : Gardenia Grand Soir (i.e. "Gala Evening Gardenia"), it sounds positively lovely too ! (Who can resist the lovely smell of gardenias floating on a Spring night's breeze ??? ~ Few flowers smell as intoxicating as gardenias !)
    "Gardenia Grand Soir" is supposedly just that, ... a light blend of gardenias over a subtle sandalwood base.
    Though I expect this one will probably lean pretty heavily on the "feminine" side. ... (Or at least, far too "feminine" for me, unfortunately, as I always seem to find from all gardenia "soliflores" till now.)
    ... But who knows, this may very well land up becoming my very first gardenia fragrance ?? (I quite liked his tuberose one for last Spring. )) So ..... ??? Maybe ??? ~ (But probably not !) ...
    Though I'm still pretty sure it will smell just gorgeous. Gardenias and sandalwood ~ what's not to like?

    Can't wait to give them both a sniff ! ... They will obviously be just perfect Spring scents ! ...
    AND with them being of such very limited numbers, 2010 batch only. We better get our hands and noses on them a.s.a.p then, huh ? )

    Vive la PG !!!
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    Default Re: New Parfumerie Generale Limited Edition Fragrances

    Really cant wait to try them too , Bois Naufrage sounds amazing ....

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    Default Re: New Parfumerie Generale Limited Edition Fragrances

    As I'm ever searching for great gardenias, I cannot WAIT to try Gardenia Grand Soir. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for real gardenia rather than the usual white floral stand-ins.

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    Default Re: New Parfumerie Generale Limited Edition Fragrances

    88 and 91 Euro each which doesnt seem too horrendous either ....

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    Default Re: New Parfumerie Generale Limited Edition Fragrances

    These both sound like must-try releases. Thanks for the update!

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    Default Re: New Parfumerie Generale Limited Edition Fragrances

    I know a number of Basenoters own bottles of these now - don't keep us in suspense, let us know your thoughts!

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    Default Re: New Parfumerie Generale Limited Edition Fragrances

    I have samples of both and I am still working my way through both of them. My initial impression is they are both very good.
    Bois natufrage is the less easily described of the two but it is probably the one I will like better.
    The gardenia over a blend of three different sandalwood notes is more straight forward but no less interesting. I will be wearing both of these some more over the next few days to finalize my thoughts.

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    Default Re: New Parfumerie Generale Limited Edition Fragrances

    Sadly I didn't think much of Gardenia Grand Soir - it's very strange. Pungent and not very pleasant.
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