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    Default A Visit to Bloomies

    Went to the frag counter/area of Bloomingdales today. They have no less than 5 SAs in that area. It's impossible to turn a corner without a "may I help you?" being uttered.

    SA - "Looking for a scent?"

    Me - "Just testing out a few things. By any chance do you have Rive Gauche?"

    SA - "No, we don't. Have you tried this? (Grabs the ADG bottle )

    Me - "Uh, yeah. That's like asking someone if they've ever eaten pizza. Thanks anyway"

    Nice people. Not their fault that they have to push product.
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    Default Re: A Visit to Bloomies

    I don't understand why everyone likes to dis SAs (well, I *do* understand, but...). They are the best potential source of freebies. You are more likely to get samples if you are nice to them, no? (Even if they are kinda idiotic sometimes.)

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    Default Re: A Visit to Bloomies

    I dunno...i am on the fence on this one. Every conversation ends up with me giving them a fragrance 101 course, which seems more of a chore these days than a good time. Once in a blue moon I find a SA who has a clue about fragrance, and once every 3rd blue moon I may bump into one who is as enamored with this art as much as I am.

    But for the most part I hate being approached by someone trying to sell me something that I know more about than they do.

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    Default Re: A Visit to Bloomies

    I have no problems chatting it up with SA's at Sephora located in major cities with a lot of foot traffic from shoppers like San Francisco and Las Vegas. They're pretty knowledgeable and I try not to pick at their brains just for the sake of sounding like a know-it-all (it is tempting). In smaller towns however, I pretty much don't really talk to anyone because not many of them put that much effort into knowing their product too well, but the occasional casual small talk isn't out of the question by keeping the topic relatively simple. I'm sure it'd be a different story if I walked into Sak's, Barney's, or Neiman Marcus asking for L'Artisan or Frederic Malle since the clientele they're aiming at is totally different than a Macy's, Sephora, etc.
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    Default Re: A Visit to Bloomies

    It's only natural that they're going to approach most customers, especially lone guys, expecting them to be there to pick up a bottle of whatever's popular. 99.9% of the guys who walk in are there for that. At least around here, most of them know more than they let on at first, if engaged in conversation.

    At best, you'll get amazing encyclopedic knowledge from someone who's been in the biz for decades. At worst, that cute girl pushing Light Blue For Men at Sephora will at least make you a bunch of samples because she'll know you're serious...
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    Default Re: A Visit to Bloomies

    Think about asking the men's scent rep if they have Kouros and he says he has never heard of it before, then he sends you off with a handful of Burberry Beat for Men and goes back to talking with the other SAs.

    BTW, just by looking at most scent buyers at places like Sephora and dept. stores, the average male will just sniff the piston and judge by first spray.

    I am still chuckling over the SA who, when asked if they carried the new Prada L'Eau Ambree, simply said, "No, but we carry only this one: the Prada Milano."

    Of course, getting an SA who engages and knows their stuff is a real treat!
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    Default Re: A Visit to Bloomies

    I have have had both positive and negative experiences in the same store. While one rep didn't have a gift with purchase or a carded sample and reluctantly took my information after I requested a phone call when something is available, another rep from the same store went out of the way to make an exception or simply have a great attitude to enhance the experience. Certain stores have had a consistant level of service combined with a solid knowledgebase of the industry. For example, many reps in Nordstroms are certfied FIFI sales reps while other department stores don't necessarily have these certified reps readily available. I have met experienced reps that may or may not be certified that are a joy to deal with. Years ago there was a Saks rep who pitched Eau De Rochas Pour Homme. His selling point was that this was made from italian lemons. I purchased a bottle a year or so later and really enjoyed it. Everytime I met that rep, I felt that he was passionate about the industry and he introduced me to a few great ones like Duc De Vervins. He had a great impact of my fragrance purchases. Another rep from Dior tried to sell me Higher Dior. He said "the only thing that isn't high is the price." He didn't have much impact on me, but he was a great saleman. In general, reps from stores have had a moderate amount of impact on me and are usually impressed with my knowledge. I hope to meet more reps passionate about what they do because they will often influence my fragrance buying. Even an upbeat salesman with limited knowledge but with a zest for life with fragrance can be an influence!

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    Default Re: A Visit to Bloomies

    ....Adonis, you are easily one of the funnier guys on this board. Did you end up finding Rive Gauche pour Homme anywhere ?
    Seeking: Bottles/decants : of Pomegranate Noir, Midnight in Paris EDP, Feeling Man, Essence of John Galliano, Azzaro pour Homme (vintage),...etc.

    Seeking decant/sample of PdE Ambre Russe, Jil Sander Feeling Man, Comme des Garcons 2 Man, Giorgio VIP, ....etc. I have samples to swap.

    More HERE
    Please PM me !

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