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    Lightbulb Elixir Le Charnel Boise Torride by Guerlain.

    I can tell that Les Elixer Charnel Boise Torride by Guerlain is a T. Wasser fragrance. It is like no other Guerlain I have smelled before. That is to say it is very different from previous Guerlains. I have tried this tonight and find it heavier, more goumand and woody. To me this is an evening scent and could be easily unisex. I must say I do like it. Unfortunate is that is part of the exclusive Elixer Charnel line which makes it a pricey item. I keep sniffing the back of my hand because it is addictive. Seems to be a skin scent as I do not detect a lot of projection. I wonder what those of you who have tried this scent think? Please leave your comments.
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    Default Re: Elixir Le Charnel Boise Torride by Guerlain.

    I agree with you that it does not have a lot of projection. I love the combination of orange notes and light patchouli and definitely consider it unisex (if you overlook the girly bottle).

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    Default Re: Elixir Le Charnel Boise Torride by Guerlain.

    I got to try this as soon as it came out. On my first wearing i really liked it because i picked up on the Cedar note, and the evening i wore it was cooler, so everything came together very nicely. i thought it was a warm, woody scent that flirted with the sweet side.

    Any time a scent gets a 'pass' on first sampling I put it away for a few weeks and then come back to it. This gives my brain time to 'assimiliate' a fragrance, and on second wearing i usually get a more precise response. With this one my second wearing was a disaster. it was no longer a lovely cedar experience but a marshmallow crap fest.

    I then learned htat this entire line is built around a gourmand them. Indeed, these sell very well, so why not. Just not for me. Even the Chypre Fatal fell flat, I thought it was too bland with no originality.

    I am a bit harsh wiht my Guerlain critiques, sorry to say. i own five of their fragrances and many of their decants, and I've sniffed all but a few of their offerings. I'm a fan of the art and material line, which takes more risks, IMIO. The charnal line plays it very safe and is too over priced for the end result. This is all my opinion, and realize i am not a Gourmand fan in any sense.
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