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    Default D.R. Harris Traditional Cologne

    I just purchased a bottle of DR Harris Traditional Cologne and would like to post my thoughts. Traditional Cologne is an econimically priced Eau de Portugal type scent redolent with Portugal orange, neroli, orange blossom, bracing herbs, and musk. It is nearly identical to Trumper's Portugal, but I prefer Harris because the opening orange is more tart and zingy. I think anyone who likes this genre should give it a try. Please post any additional comments or questions if you have any.

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    Default Re: D.R. Harris Traditional Cologne

    I think the Traditional is quite different from the Trumper offering. The Oranges(fortunatly) are far more prominent in this one.

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    Default Re: D.R. Harris Traditional Cologne

    Bokaba, if this is like your eau de Cologne of the 19th century, I am happy to hear you are near your Holy Grail. Where/from whom did you buy yours?
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    Default Re: D.R. Harris Traditional Cologne

    OK, I just tested Harris traditional cologne and Trumper's potugal arm to arm.
    My thoughts:
    Initially quite similar and definitely from the same "portugal" family.
    The Harris is slightly more obviously "orangy" in the conventional "peeling an orange to eat" sense. It also contains slight accents of other fresh, grassy, and floral synthetics and some neroli oil.
    The Trumper has a slightly more resinous (bigarade) note to the orange accord, a little less of the warm sweet orange, more petitgrain and a more coherent mix which holds together better to my nose.
    As they dry, the musk in the Harris smells stronger, bigger and cheaper than that in the Trumper. The Trumper holds the orange significantly longer with a balance between the neroli and the musk which I much prefer. As time goes on Trumper smells more of orange and the Harris more of musk.
    In my opinion the Trumper is made from better ingredients and better blended but the differences are subtle.
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    Default Re: D.R. Harris Traditional Cologne

    They're pretty cheap; consequently I suppose it would be no great financial burden owning both.

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    Default Re: D.R. Harris Traditional Cologne

    hirch, I love side-by-side comparisons. Well done, you've inspired me to do my own, in a more impressionistic style.

    D. R. Harris Traditional
    An opening like the zesty oils of a freshly-peeled orange skin. A round, somewhat "thick" scent. Perhaps a suggestion of spices (clove? nutmeg?). The musk develops subtly and the scent sits close to the skin. Dry-down is simple, of orange soap or orange wax candle.

    Geo. F. Trumper Portugal
    A more complex opening, other citrus like lemon as well as orange are here. Definitely a "brighter" and more acidic scent. Seems a bit thin in comparison to the Harris at this point. The scent goes through a slightly odd, "metallic" phase on my skin. The brightness almost becomes a bit shrill. Everything settles down and there are lovely orange blossom notes. The scent retains its brightness and translucency throughout its development.

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    Default Re: D.R. Harris Traditional Cologne

    How's the longevity of this? Good for cold weather?

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