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    Default Re: SotD Monday 22 March

    Quote Originally Posted by C Rose View Post
    Good morning!
    I'm wearing new purchase Malle Une Rose on my right hand -- and Lutens Sa Majesté la Rose on my left hand, and trying to understand the differences. (I'm a newbie) Une Rose has much better longevity on me (applied about an hour ago). I'm preferring the Malle -- I wish I had the words or nose to describe the element I like so much in it... I keep thinking "waxy" but that's not ... The Lutens a bit more woodsy in dry down.

    I'm also craving Jergens after reading the preceding posts...

    Welcome! Your SoTD (Scents, that is, of the Day) are lovely.

    (yup, JOnesin' fer the Jergens. Funny how that works. Coworker gave me a... I dunno, liter bottle of the stuff for work, she didn't want it going bad and can't use it herself. Nice!)
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    Default Re: SotD Monday 22 March

    SL Borneo 1834. Splendid!

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    Default Re: SotD Monday 22 March

    L'Anarchiste tonight. A bloodless coup despite some Basenoter's Reviews to the contrary.
    we have seen the enemy...and he is us.-Pogo

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    Default Re: SotD Monday 22 March

    Hugs to all!

    Today was the big day-- I moved Mom over to the apartment (having already outfitted it fully.) I walked her to dinner and we chatted with some very friendly folks who happened to be seated at the same table. I'll be spending many hours a day with her until she settles in and feels comfortable with the layout and ready to be involved in some of the many activities that are available.

    Tonight is her first night sleeping there. Alone. I am hoping and praying she won't pull her back muscles again --she's done it twice this week already by bending over to pick things up. I hope she'll remember she has a long-handled reacher.

    Tomorrow I intend to start wearing perfume again. After getting a full night's sleep, for a change.

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    Default Re: SotD Monday 22 March

    30 Roses, I hope you definitely get a full night's sleep; you have more than earned it. Hoping also that your mother sleeps well tonight on her own.

    Switched to Teo Cabanel Oha after a late afternoon bath. Take care and enjoy the remainder of your Monday, all.

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    Default Re: SotD Monday 22 March

    Sweet dreams 30 Roses!

    Today I wore Dune. I had not sprayd it in a while. I've had a headache all day. I hope it was not the perfume.

    Have a great week!

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    Default Re: SotD Monday 22 March

    SOTE, from a trade, is Tauer's Incense Rose

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    Default Re: SotD Monday 22 March

    I haven't been posting much and missed some SotD, I owe a belated congratulations to an_oud_girl! Wow, you look so radiant in your photo--what a wonderful new adventure for you! So, here I was being "morning sick" for no good reason, thinking you were just going through a similar phase as me, lol

    SotD today was Institute Tres Bien Cologne a la Russe and SotN is SL MKK.

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    Default Re: SotD Monday 22 March

    A big welcome to all the new Basenotes members!

    Annick Goutal's Rose Absolue.
    Currently wearing: Apparition by Ungaro

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