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    Default Paloma picasso(Minotaure)

    Hi All,

    I havent seen a thread on minotaure by paloma picasso.I am planning to buy this product online.Could anyone throw some light on this fragrance if they have used?


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    Default Re: Paloma picasso(Minotaure)

    I really enjoy this one. And I suspect it has been discontinued. A thin scent of citrus top, and a slightly leathery vanilla base. There is a slight plastic-y sweetness to it that I actually enjoy.
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    Minotaure was my first "wow" scent - the one that got me interested in perfume to begin with!
    I have worn it for years and have a fair bit in reserve as it is now a discontinued product. As a result I have also a partial bottle for sale in my sales thread.
    This is a fabulous mediterranean citrus/leather scent.

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    Default Re: Paloma picasso(Minotaure)

    It shares a vibe with Nicole Miller for Men.
    I did buy a bottle more than a year ago but haven't worn much. Thanks to this thread, I'll revisit it soon.

    Both the posters have summed it up nicely....Citrusy leather.

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    This is a great summertime fragrance.

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    I've owned a mini bottle of Minotaure for quite awhile now. I recently poured it into a spray bottle for ease of application.
    My impression is that of orange juice and vanilla. A bit strange to my nose, but maybe a bit more acceptable in Europe and the Mediterranian.

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    Though I came around to it, I didn't particularly like this right away. Its got a strange funk to it at first (could be the aldehydes??). I'm not really sure what it is, but the citrus notes are contrasted by something kinda funky in the beginning. After that, the fragrance begins to dry down and a sweetness emerges. This fragrance gave me a similar impression as Versace Dreamer: I was initially perplexed, maybe even perturbed, but eventually I appreciated its beauty and originality. Definitely a fragrance that will perform and distinguish you from your peers.

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