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    Default BMM10 The Road To The Final Srpitz Day 19-20 Recap

    BMM10 The Road To The Final Sprtitz Day 19-20 Recap

    We have the Essential Eight! Welcome back to The Road To The Final Spritz I’m your host Somerville Metro Man. We will have a new champion as the last four matches in the Scented Sixteen found the defending champ going down.

    We’ll start out, in Paris, at the Jacques Guerlain Arena where the defending champ Guerlain Habit Rouge was going to have a huge Home Boutique advantage. The stands were packed with fans wearing their red blazers. The Red Coats opponents were Chanel Egoiste and of any bottle the Red Coats could have been facing this was one of the few that wasn’t going to be intimidated off the boutique floor by all the noise from the Habit Rouge supporters. Once the match got underway you could see the determination in the glint off of Egoiste’s nozzle. They knew they were in for a battle and they kept their composure through the early going. After a spray-for-spray exchange for most of the first half, Egoiste opened a two-point lead at halftime, 26-24. The intensity ratcheted up even more in the second half as these were two bottles playing at the top of their games. Habit Rouge tied things up with a quarter to go but Egoiste responded almost immediately re-taking a two-point advantage. Habit Rouge showed the determination of a champion but Egoiste showed even more determination to not back down. When the final buzzer sounded the score read Egoiste 45-Habit Rouge 43. The arena was nearly silent except for the Chanel cheering section in the corner where Egoiste was standing thumping their name with their fists on the front of the flacon.

    The second game in the Jacques Guerlain Arena was between Azzaro pour Homme and Creed Silver Mountain Water. I am pretty sure if you asked many observers which Creed would be the last one standing in the tournament not many of them would have picked Silver Mountain Water. Azzaro was a dark horse pick of some and so their presence wasn’t as surprising. The arena was half-empty as the disappointed Red Coats filed out after their loss but the noise level was impressive as the Creed fanboys were all behind the last entry from the house and Azzaro’s fan section was equally vociferous. The fans who left early missed out on a real boutique burner of a game. Azzaro started by laying down the lavender beats early and they took a quick 5-0 lead but Silver Mountain Water battled back and tied the game at 10. From that point on it was back and forth affair which saw neither fragrance take more than a two point lead. With one minute to go the score was tied at 40. The last minute was a frantic affair as both bottle wanted to hit the last shot they believed would seal the victory. After an inspired defensive stand Azzaro was in possession with the opportunity to take the last shot. They executed their offense perfectly and using their trademark powerhouse offense drove the lane scoring just before the buzzer to win the game for Azzaro, 41-40.

    That sets up a Guerlain Regional Final of Chanel Egoiste versus Azzaro pour Homme for the right to go to the Fragrant Four.

    We head across Paris to the Shiseido Sports Arena on the grounds of the Royal Palais for the semifinals of the Serge Lutens Region. The first game saw an all-designer battle between Gucci Envy for Men and this year’s Cinderella Boucheron Jaipur Homme. This sub-region was an all-designer group so it was always going to produce at least one designer fragrance in the Essential Eight and while many picked Envy; Jaipur Homme had charmed and sprayed their way here picking up fans along the way. This was a strange match as Jaipur Homme galloped out to a quick three point lead at 25-22. The funny thing is no matter what Envy tried to do they could never cut into that lead as Jaipur kept that three-point margin all the way until the end; winning 42-39.

    They will face the winner of the second game between Czech & Speake #88 and Serge Lutens Chergui. Chergui entered the arena to the thunderous applause of the home crowd. It looked like they thought the crowd would be intimidating but once they looked across the boutique they saw the glint in the bottles of the Crazy 88’s they realized they had better not let them get any kind of foothold in the game. That attitude turned out to be prescient as Chergui sprayed themselves out to a nine point lead at halftime 37-28. Chergui knew that keeping the pressure on was going to be important, and they did, never letting the Crazy 88’s in the game and icing the victory, 52-34. That makes Serge Lutens the only House with two bottles in the Essential Eight.

    Remember to keep voting and watching as only you have the ability to determine the winner.
    We’ll be heading back to the James Henry Creed Fieldhouse, in London, for the Creed Regional Final between Guerlain Vetiver and Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan.
    Until then, I'll see you back here on The Road to The Final Spritz.
    Somerville Metro Man….Out!

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    Default Re: BMM10 The Road To The Final Srpitz Day 19-20 Recap

    Thanks for the vivid, very entertaining coverage, SMM. I'm counting on Azzaro to pip Egoiste.
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    Default Re: BMM10 The Road To The Final Srpitz Day 19-20 Recap

    "Azzaro started by laying down the lavender beats early..."

    I love the coverage. Lavender beats. Too good.
    That girl, that bottle, that mattress and me.

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