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Thread: Sprays vs. Dabs

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    Exclamation Sprays vs. Dabs

    I recently purchased and acquired some samples, for testing. They are all 1ml glass vial samples, with no sprayer. Does dabbing on your skin versus spraying, affect the overall scent of any or all frags? Does the application method really matter?

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    Default Re: Sprays vs. Dabs

    I personally have never noticed a difference between the two, but there are many BNers who find that the different ways of application do indeed change the scent, or at least some part of it. Another case of "it does for some, but not for others" by the sounds of it.

    As for whether it matters - well, do whichever one you personally prefer I guess. I prefer sprays, but only because I think that there's an element of waste attached applying by hand. There are plenty of people who prefer the older style splash/shaker/dabber bottles and methods of applying.

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    Thanks for the response great badir. I prefer the spray application personally. The reason I ask the question of "if it matters" , is I may purchase full size bottles of these samples. These full size bottles will most likely be srayers. The only cologne I own, besides my samples, that is a no Halston Z-14.

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    I think it makes a difference only with certain scents - the ones that are either very strong or which depend more than usual on mixing with your body chemistry for their magic to come out. Specifically, I find that civet- or musk-based scents react much better to a dispersed spray application. And even with those scents, you can still get a pretty good idea of what the scent is like and whether you like it via dabbing.

    I like the spray method generally, but that's because of the even sillage it helps create, and doesn't really have much to do with the smell itself.
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    Default Re: Sprays vs. Dabs

    Don't notice any difference.

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    I order tons of "dab" samples from Luckyscent and elsewhere, but I greatly prefer spraying.
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    Today I "dabbed" with Monsieur Balmain, and am enjoying it. Lots of lemon, but not too sweet, nice patch drydown. Tomorrow might be a first time Kouros tryout....I'm actually looking forward to the Kouros experience....

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    For the average everyday scent the difference, if any, is barely noticeable. But if you were to compare the two methods, the volume dispensed with the spray method is significantly greater than through dabbing. That's probably the reason why pure parfums come in dabbers rather than sprays - dabbing offer a greater range of control, and it's my preferred method particularly for fragrances with potent sillage and projection.

    I hope the ladies would chime in as they're more likely to have had more experience in the art of dabbing. Most of the guys prefer the convenience of spraying stuff on...
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    In terms of samples, I prefer that the vial be in the same format as the full bottle of the scent in question. For instance, a sample vial of C&S Cuba, dabbed on, worked like magic on my skin. I loved the cacophony of the mentholated bay rum opening. But when I bought a bottle and sprayed it on, the tobacco note's notorious fecal tendencies were amped up beyond belief, and I found it hard to wear. A spray sample may (or may not) have helped me make a better decision about the purchase.


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    I gotta agree with LiveJazz some what.

    Dabbing is better if you really wanna focus on the smell in a given area, but a spray will obviously cover more skin (though lighter). It really makes no difference, me personally though I actually like the ones that aren't sprays because A) They're usually cheaper and B) They don't seem to skimp as much on the juice as they do on the sprayer samples.

    ^^ sorry I take that back on not making a difference, it makes for a little difference. To me the sprays are less potent on your skin because of the way it's distributed, but the juice itself is all the same.
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    huh i felt same, C&S dabbing samples are for me superior comparing to their bottles with spray!
    dark rose and no.88 were magic on me, and im not feeling same having 10ml spray decant
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