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    Default Prestige Beauty Industry Posts Declines Across the Board in 2009

    From the NPD Group, Inc:

    The overall industry decline was primarily driven by fragrance. Total sales of fragrance totaled $2.48 billion in 2009, down ten percent in both menís and womenís.

    More here:

    One tidbit I'm particularly happy to read:
    In womenís fragrance juices* sales of smaller sizes (1 ounce and under) worked for both menís and womenís fragrances. Womenís fragrance juices under one ounce grew 8 percent in units, versus annual 2006.

    I think manufacturers will finally catch on that if they're going to release boatloads of new fragrances every year, they need to sell smaller unit amounts if they hope to sell any at all, because people can more easily justify having 10 or more 30ml bottles than 10+ 100ml bottles (I'm thinking of the average consumer, not the average BNer ).
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    Default Re: Prestige Beauty Industry Posts Declines Across the Board in 2009

    Thank you for sharing this, oud_girl. Interesting to know trends.
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    Default Re: Prestige Beauty Industry Posts Declines Across the Board in 2009

    Thanks An Oud Girl !
    It's been said that women buy more lipstick during times of recession because it's still a luxury item but affordable - I guess small bottles of fragrance /rollerballs of fragrances are a more affordable treat that a huge bottle and so more accessible like the lipstick.
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