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    Default Re: Which 'Powerhouse' should I buy?

    Being a fan of quorum, I to can concur. Once I smelt something beautiful on aguy I work with. 'One man show' was his answer. I would reccommened u try it. Ive ordered my bottle

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    Default Re: Which 'Powerhouse' should I buy?

    Hi zestycool, You sound like a Future "Powerhouse Fragrance User" social group Dude. Come join Us

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    Default Re: Which 'Powerhouse' should I buy?

    I wouldnt consider Aramis Havana a powerhouse fragrance. At least not the new one. I just got my hands on a bottle and although it is a sillage monster within the first 20 minutes it immediately dies down on my skin. After about 4 hours you have to pretty much put your nose right on me if you want to smell it. That is with a generous amount of sprays (4-6)!

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    Default Re: Which 'Powerhouse' should I buy?

    Be aware of reformulations: some powerhouses are not so any more thanks to this fact. CK's Obsession, Lagerfeld pour Homme, Givenchy Gentleman, Azzaro pour Homme, Chanel's Antaeus, Oscar de la Renta pour Lui, Dior's Jules, Puig's Quorum are not what they used to be as per the blends I had and replaced or either because I had the chance of comparing them hand in hand. Do not get me wrong, they are good scents, but they lack a note that made then deeper (yes, this is the right word: the felt more "rounded" to my sense of smell) and dirtier, maybe due to the presence of oakmoss or any other oils or aromachemicals banned by IFRA or replaced due to cost, this affecting longevity and / or sillage (Azzaro, Obsession, Jules, Quorum, etc.) or affecting top and middle notes (the case with Antaeus). So if you want to go hunting, hold still your enthusiasm and look for vintage versions.

    I have to add to the ones mentioned Maxim's Pour Homme as well as Fendi and Gianfranco Ferre. Balenciaga is, by far, the best one of all the powerhouses I tried - amazing sillage and longevity, with a style along Ted Lapidus and Kouros, without the annoying pineapple note of the first and the urinal cake note of the later. It is discontinued, but if you can get hold of a bottle, don't think it twice, get is ASAP.

    Have fun!

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    Default Re: Which 'Powerhouse' should I buy?

    Interesting topic as my SOTD is the legendary Obsession. Reformulated or not, in addition to just smelling great, I can think of few more "powerful" scents...Lapidus PH is another strong contender. As is Knize 10.

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    Default Re: Which 'Powerhouse' should I buy?

    Two words: Yatagan

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