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    Default Caron Perfumes for men - brutal honesty needed...

    Hi Im just a guy who appreciates smelling pleasant for myself and others around me without going overbooard.

    In the short time of enjoying this hobby I realize that there are quality scents that stand apart due to composition and complexity. I understand from the various posts the BN'ers appreciation for the quality of vintage scents from houses such as Caron, Guerlain...

    I'm intrigued by the thought of wearing such scents for sheer beauty and quality. I'd like to dive in by purchasing specifically Narcisse Noir or Parfum Sacre...

    Is this ill advised?

    What has your experience smelling these scents on men? Do they come across as too feminine?

    Are they any other classics that you would recommend irrespective of notes..I do however lean toward gourmand, rose notes...?

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    Default Re: Caron Perfumes for men - brutal honesty needed...

    Dear labtek99,

    I think Parfum Sacré would make a nice masculine - it has been reformulated and the "female" aspects seem to be gone anyway -so give it a try.
    Narcisse Noir is brilliant, too -you could also try the wonderful Pour un homme de Caron (classic lavender-vanilla mix) or Le troisieme homme...-
    I personally do not like Yatagan, but I know it has many "dedicated followers" and should not be missed. It surely is outstanding.
    A classic rose-fragrance would be Or et Noir by Caron. You could also try Rose de Nuit by Les Salons du Palais-Royal Shiseido or Une Rose by Frédéric Malle.

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    Default Re: Caron Perfumes for men - brutal honesty needed...

    Royal Bain de Caron of course is unisex.

    Narcisse Noir is fabulous and not girly in the least. Infact men have worn it in the past without a thought.

    Men's skin is different to women's so fragrances which smell a certain way on us can be different on you. Some notes which come out on me might be more subdue on you.

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    Default Re: Caron Perfumes for men - brutal honesty needed...

    My favorite classic Caron, that was originally designated as a feminine, but works quite well on a guy is Violette Precieuse. A nice, clear Edwardian bouquet, that smells as if it could be right at home on the counter of an upscale barber shop.
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    Default Re: Caron Perfumes for men - brutal honesty needed...

    I own and feel very comfortable wearing Parfum Sacre. It is one of my favorites for colder weather.
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    Default Re: Caron Perfumes for men - brutal honesty needed...

    Gender is in the eye of the beholder. Personally, I love a man in florals. I love the scents of orange blossom, rose, lavender, violets and jasmine. I'd much prefer these on a man than bay leaves and cloves.

    Wear what you like and forget about the labels.
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    Default Re: Caron Perfumes for men - brutal honesty needed...

    I think you could easily pull off Parfum Sacre (it's spicy, creamy, just a touch of floral, not particularly feminine). I would love to smell Parfum Sacre on a guy, I'm sure it would be great. I wear L'Anarchiste, Yatagan, and Le 3 Homme. You might also want to try Royal Bain de Caron, it's closer to Pour Un Homme than anything. Eau de Reglisse is nice too - a bright citrus, ginger, a bit of spice, woods and vanilla in the base. Aimez Moi might be worth trying as well if you like violet, it has anise, vanilla, woods as well and tends to be a bit on the gourmand side. I encourage you to test all the Carons you come across.
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    Default Re: Caron Perfumes for men - brutal honesty needed...

    HI, i"m not sure that you are looking for feminine marketed scents by your post, maybe you can comment. Are you looking to order samples to try?

    Guerlains you can sample at a Niemans, Bloomindales or Saks. Carons you can't unless you live in NY or Paris, but all my samples come from the perfumed Court (and may I suggest Alpona if you are looking at this line)
    Have fun!
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    Default Re: Caron Perfumes for men - brutal honesty needed...

    Alpona is to die for, only in extract. Rumour has it now discontinued, but there is confusion which Carons have recently gone.

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